PIAB launched a new type of suction cup to absorb

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PIAB introduced a new type of suction cup to absorb plastic packaging with uneven surface

PIAB, the Swedish manufacturer of vacuum products and systems, has recently launched a suction cup with the model of bl-3p, which can be used for plastic bag packaging products with lifting surface, such as plastic packaging products in food and medicine. PIAB said that the suction cup has an uneven surface, which can improve work efficiency when absorbing packaged products

at present, manufacturers usually use vacuum conveying system, because it can convey packaging materials without dust. This suction cup adopts a closed system and uses a vacuum pump to absorb materials, which can remove unnecessary dust particles

the company introduced that using suction cups to absorb packaging bags is a challenging work, which often leads to mistakes and downtime. This new plastic bag suction tool can ensure a reliable workflow and reduce downtime caused by falling or damaged bags

in addition, the suction cup developed by PIAB can greatly improve the working efficiency when used with p601 control slow reaction 0 vacuum pump. P6010 is 40% higher in air smoothness than other vacuum pumps. This vacuum pump adopts the air saving navigation control function, which can automatically maintain the stability of the air pressure at the suction point. According to reports, this suction cup can also be used in many workplaces, and is suitable for different packaging bags, reducing the time to change tools according to different applications. In addition, this suction cup has different strengths, which can effectively absorb the packaging bags with uneven shape or covered with dust

bl- details of accessories of thermal insulation material testing machine 3P suction cups have three sizes, 1.1, 1.5 and 1.9 inches respectively

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