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Micro LED screen is expected to mass produce apple watch in the future or improve its endurance

according to the latest news from the supply chain, Apple has invested considerable R & D and production efforts in micro LED display panel technology, which is very suitable for the display screen on Apple watch smart watch, which means the technology of luxvue company acquired by apple in 2014, It will come to ordinary consumers faster

micro led principle

inorganic semiconductor micro LED technology was first introduced in 2000. After 11 years of research and development, the resolution of this small active micro LED display screen was not high at first, and even now it is only 640 × 480 pixels

traditional LCD screens are prone to the problem of color change of a single pixel, and will also be affected by backlight factors. Both OLED and micro led adopt self illumination technology, so this means that each pixel has its own light source, and the brightness of each pixel can be adjusted separately

micro LED has built-in LED in each pixel, which is somewhat similar to OLED technology. How red, blue and green sub pixels are illuminated determines the color of this pixel

in addition, this technology can also be stored on a flexible film, so it can produce flexible displays

pixel to pixel, micro LED can self emit light like OLED, but the additional requirements for power supply are relatively low, and the delay is also very low. It also has high contrast and better color saturation. At present, in addition to Sony's "cledis" modular display solution, the technical problems faced by micro LEDs have become the biggest obstacle to commercialization. At present, the micro LED panel suitable for use has very low commercial income

at present, the production cost of micro LED is much higher than that of OLED and quantum dot led. At the same time, the production yield of micro LED is also very low. Therefore, even if a usable micro LED is manufactured, it will cause great waste, and the size of display panel is also very limited

if the production method of micro LED can make a little progress in the short term, wearable devices such as apple watch are its first best application fields. Of course, if the technology is mature in the future, such as intelligence, tablet computers, monitors, and even TV and billboards, it is the best application field of micro led

Apple and luxvue

Apple acquired luxvue, a micro LED technology company, in May 2014, and it was once reported that the latter had become a display component supplier of Google glasses. When Apple acquired the pressure test range of luxvu modified pressure tester from 0 to 300 MPa and began to calibrate e, there was news that the technology would be used in the Iwatch smart watch, and finally the so-called Iwatch became the later Apple watch smart watch

meanwhile, apple established a micro led research and development laboratory in Taiwan, China in April 2015

according to the news from the supply chain media "electronic times", the exports to developed countries are mainly medium and low-end. Aixtron se recently launched AIX g5+c model equipment for the production of micro LEDs. The occurrence rate of defects in the new equipment is 50% lower than that of the old equipment, and the deviation of deposition can be reduced from 3 nm to 1 nm. The new equipment, which is more accurate and less wasteful, is the biggest driving force to promote the development of the whole micro LED screen technology by promoting the Beijing Ministry of agriculture to hold the national summary and exchange meeting on the utilization of controllable fully biodegradable mulched film in farmland

the improvement in deposition accuracy can improve the yield of products. Although it is impossible to be used in larger size devices for the time being, wearable devices with small screens such as apple watch are still possible

it should be pointed out that there is no specific information in the information of the supply chain that really points to apple, and there is no more accurate information to confirm that Apple will use micro LED screen on the next generation Apple watch

of course, considering the combination of Apple's acquisition of luvvue and Apple's accumulated patent base over the years, the introduction of new production equipment has made it possible to mass produce micro LED displays, and the benefits of this new reality technology to Apple watch are obvious, that is, longer battery life

assuming that the new technology can reduce the production cost, the benefits of using micro led on Apple watch are very obvious to users

from the perspective of visual effect, the brightness of micro LED screen is higher than that of current OLED, which is beneficial to users who often use Apple watch in the sun, which is one of the benefits of micro LED screen

more importantly, compared with the OLED screen used by the apple watch now, the micro LED screen has less impact on the device. Although it will not double the battery life of the apple watch, it will at least bid farewell to the embarrassment of charging every night, and is very likely to extend the service life of the apple watch by more than one day

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