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Micro led and mini led openly show how long is the way for intelligent display of diss LED display

at present, with the continuous development and progress of LED display technology, more and more new words "mix" into the circle. Among them, micro LED display technology has attracted much attention in the industry, and there was once a "micro LED display may also usher in the era of intelligent display" Statement of. However, in recent years, intelligent display is no longer a new concept. In particular, many well-known enterprises, such as apple and Samsung, have also been working hard to add new display technologies and models

although the potential of microled display technology is promising, its technical threshold is still a key to the failure to achieve mass production as soon as possible. "Only better, no best!" The ocean of technological progress will never end. Therefore, in the past six months, a "submillimeter light emitting diode" (miniled) technology has emerged in the market, and it is expected to be used as a transitional technology of microled to introduce large-size displays, vehicle displays, backlights and other applications. However, the reason why miniled products can be launched quickly is not "groundless". The main reason is that the traditional LED manufacturing process is still used, and the cutting is constantly refined towards small size. The minimum can be about 5x6mil, equivalent to 127x152 μ M, almost reaching the limit. For the LED with sapphire substrate, re cutting will affect the yield due to the crack problem of the cleavage abrasion resistance tester designed and manufactured according to gb7706. This seems to be a public dis war between microled and miniled

intelligent display is the only way to go. The market has already "quietly formed"

nowadays, the word "intelligent" has gradually appeared in every corner of our life, from the most common smart, digital TV, unmanned supermarket, smart community, smart city, to the current popular "AI" technology era. Perhaps, a major historical "drama" centered on "artificial intelligence" is constantly refreshing our understanding of modern technology. These disruptive technological innovations are gradually sneaking into our daily life, trying to change our lives. As early as July this year, the State Council issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), which puts forward the guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks and safeguard measures for the development of China's new generation of artificial intelligence and AD converter by 2030, deploys and builds the first mover advantage of China's artificial intelligence development, and accelerates the construction of an innovative country and a world power in science and technology. It can be seen that intelligent development is no longer a spontaneous behavior of enterprises, but the intervention of the state, rising to a height of national strategic development

at the 2017 Shanghai International LED exhibition, which ended not long ago, it is not difficult for us to find that intelligent display is no longer a concept on paper, but a market. Driven by the trend of "smart city", abison has clearly established that small spacing products are well deserved "overlords" this year. Moreover, the development plan of the enterprise this year and in the future will also be to actively explore the road of intelligent display. The application of LED display in intelligent aspect is very considerable. Among them, the "smart retail solution" recently developed by abison has also achieved intelligent display. As one of the most powerful enterprises in the industry, abison will also start from the organic combination of hardware, software, scenes and other aspects to make the LED display truly intelligent

the application potential of ar/vr display is unlimited, boosting the development of intelligence

speaking of intelligent display, we have to mention the addition of ar/vr technology. In the exploration of LED display screen based on the combination of LED small spacing display technology and VR technology, many pioneers have carried out exploration and research in the industry. Moreover, some senior people in the industry said that vr+led display can bring immersive sensory experience in visual presentation, which may be one of the main directions for the intelligent development of LED display. It has to be mentioned that according to authoritative institutions in the industry, ar/vr display applications will be used as the media in the future AI era. In addition, as a trendy visual technology, AR has great market development potential. The Morgan Stanley report predicts that the market size of AR will reach US $40billion in the next three years, while driving the growth of the entire industry to US $404billion. These include the hard 1 and 3 promises: the scale of US $286billion for piece upgrading and the scale of US $118billion for AR related service industry

it can be seen that AR technology is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to help the industry move towards a higher level of development. As we all know, the price scuffle in the LED display industry has not been stopped for a long time, and the product market has not yet got rid of the impression of "mixed fish and Dragons". As end customers have taken the lead in improving product quality and meeting innovation needs, AR technology coincides with its emergence in this technological tuyere, which is a good precipitation opportunity for vigorous development in the future. Just like the intelligent interactive technology that has appeared in the business display market, and the segmentation fields such as AR virtual wearable LED display have been pursued by some people in the industry. It can be seen that there must be a market when there is demand. A new technology promotes the industrial revolution of LED display technology, which is an inevitable manifestation of the growing prosperity of the industry. The company is preparing to improve this threshold again. For the whole industry, it is nothing more than the "finishing touch" effect

it is understandable that the development of technology is the ladder of human progress. The intelligent display market has now penetrated into intelligent transportation, business display, education and popular science, conference presentation and other fields. Especially in the construction of smart communities and smart cities, efforts have been made in all aspects. In the future, China's urbanization demand will continue to grow. Such a huge market undoubtedly injects a strong impetus into the development of LED display industry. In this way, the LED display industry will only get closer and closer to intelligent display

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