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Microchip's new controller supports thick cover glass and multi finger touch

as the size of the car's touch screen display increases, drivers want to get the same touch experience when operating. However, the car screen needs to pass strict head impact and vibration tests, so it has thick cover glass, which may affect the performance of the touch screen. As the screen size increases, the touch screen is more likely to be interfered by other frequencies, such as AM radio and vehicle door oxide skin too much time ban system. All these factors have become the main problems in the design of modern automotive capacitive touch system. In order to solve these problems, Microchip Technology Inc. (American microchip technology company) launched a new series of single-chip maxtouch touch touch screen controllers. China is the world's largest PA66 market

the mxt2912td-a with nearly 3000 touch sensor nodes and the mxt2113td-a with more than 2000 nodes can bring customers the coveted automotive touch screen user experience. These new devices are based on microchipmaxtouch touch technology, which is widely used by manufacturers around the world. If the springs installed in the car have not been strictly tested, most measurement systems are made with reference benchmarks. Microchip's latest solution provides excellent signal-to-noise ratio performance, which can meet the requirements of thick glass cover. It can realize multi finger touch even when operating with gloves or when the screen is wet



as automobile manufacturers use the touch screen to replace the mechanical switch on the instrument panel to get a more beautiful interior design, the safety and reliability of operation become more important. Mxt2912td and mxt2113td devices combine self diagnosis and sensor diagnosis functions to continuously monitor the integrity of the touch system. These intelligent diagnostic functions meet the classification index of "automotive safety integrity level" (ASIL) specified in ISO 26262 Functional Safety Specification for passenger cars

the technology adopted by the new device realizes adaptive touch detection using self capacitance and mutual capacitance detection, so it can recognize all touch actions and avoid false touch detection. They also use microchip's new patented signal shaping technology to significantly reduce signal emission and help the large-size screen using maxtouch controller meet the requirements of cispr-25 level 5 automotive electromagnetic interference. The new touch screen controller also meets the automotive temperature range of level 3 (-40 to + 85 ° C) and level 2 (-40 to + 105 ° C), and has passed aec-q100 certification

with the launch of the new maxtouch touch touch screen controller, microchip helps customers achieve full scalability and provides the industry's only complete and growing automotive multi size touch screen controller product portfolio. Designers can design various applications from small flat-panel devices to large displays in the same development environment, enjoy the same host software interface and excellent user experience, and finally shorten the design cycle, while reducing system and development costs

Fanie duvenhage, vice president of human machine interface Business Department of microchip, said: "Microchip has been engaged in the automotive industry for many years and has strong strength. Customer service is not just to provide integrated circuits, but to establish partnerships with customers through a complex touch system supply chain. Therefore, the display screens, sensors and all communication services we provide can meet customer expectations. Based on these achievements, new devices conform to the current trend of increasing the size of automotive screens and reducing the separation of fingers."

development tools

eight professional application and sensor design centers around the world help microchip customers and partners accelerate the launch of designs using maxtouch technology. Microchip's maxtouch technology experts have established cooperation with all mainstream sensor, display and touch module manufacturers

each product in the new maxtouch touch screen controller series has a supporting Evaluation Kit, including the printed circuit board (PCB) using maxtouch touch touch screen controller, the touch sensor installed on the transparent glass cover plate, the flat print circuit (FPC) required to connect the sensor display screen, the converter PCB required to connect the kit and the host through USB, as well as cables, software and documents. All devices are also compatible with maxtouch studio. This complete software development environment can support the evaluation of maxtouch touch touch screen controllers


mxt2912td-a and mxt2113td-a devices have been provided with samples and put into mass production, which are packaged with lqfp176 and lqfp144 respectively, and provide on-demand pricing services

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