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The report focuses on the environmental impact of cloud data centers today. The report identifies key environmental trends and opportunities, and uses resource-saving data center design to improve data center TCO

enterprise computing, storage Super micro computer, Inc. (otc-pink:smci), the global leader in network solutions and green computing technology, today released its first annual data, which completed the transaction heart and environment survey report with just one click of the mouse

the rapid development of large data centers has brought business and environmental challenges to data center managers. The goal of this report is to help data center managers better understand the industry norms related to environmental impact, provide quantitative comparison of peer groups, and finally help data center managers reduce the impact of data centers on the environment

the report highlights the need for it managers to quantify the actual impact of data centers on the environment, as well as some opportunities to significantly reduce the impact. The report found that 43% of the companies surveyed had no current environmental policies, and half of them had no plans to formulate environmental policies in the near future. These companies stated that they avoided considering environmental issues because they believed that they were expensive (29 per cent), lacked resources or understanding (27 per cent), or that environmental issues were not a company priority at all (14 per cent)

this report helps enterprises connect their environmental strategies with the growth challenges of data centers. 58% of enterprises have formulated environmental policies, but only 28% of respondents consider environmental issues when choosing data center technology. Similarly, when setting data center design strategies, only 9% said that energy efficiency was the highest standard

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reports, which record the use of power efficiency indicators in data center and peer group comparison, to help data center managers benchmark their performance. 59% of respondents believe that power efficiency is extremely important or important to their actual data center design. However, more than half of the respondents (58%) still do not measure power efficiency (PUE), which is the total power consumed by data center facilities divided by the power consumed by it equipment. For those companies that measure pue, 22% of the average data center pue is 2.0 or higher, only 6% is between 1, and the other is fixed at the beginning of 10 An ideal range of 0 to 1.19

the report also shows that about one tenth of enterprises have not implemented equipment recycling plans to help limit e-waste. 12% of the respondents do not do any type of system recycling, but simply deal with retired hardware

Charles Liang, President and CEO of Meichao, said: the findings of this new research report should help the IT industry begin to discuss the impact of data centers on the environment. As a hardware solution company, we are investing heavily in our resource conservation (one of the most exciting features of reso graphene is extremely thin - graphene with only one atom thick is 1urce saving of the diameter of human hair) server, accelerator and storage solutions, including the development of sub-systems such as chassis, power supply and fan with a life cycle of 10 years, To help end customers save energy costs and hardware acquisition costs while reducing it waste. Resource savings are measured by total environmental cost (TCE), and comprehensive consideration is to minimize the environmental impact of these data centers while bringing excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) to the investment of data centers

Meineng's resource saving architecture separates CPU from memory and other subsystems, so each resource can be refreshed independently, so that the data center can reduce the refresh cycle cost and its impact on the environment. From the perspective of the three to five-year refresh cycle, the resource-saving server of Meineng can deliver servers with better performance and higher efficiency at a lower cost by allowing the data center to independently optimize and adopt new and improved technologies, rather than the traditional reproduction and replacement mode

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Meichao, a leading high-performance and high-efficiency server technology innovation enterprise, is an advanced server building block solutions for data centers, cloud computing, enterprise it, hadoop/big data, high-performance computing and embedded systems? The world's leading supplier. Meineng is committed to through its we keep it green? Plan to protect the environment and provide customers with the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions on the market

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