The hottest microled market will reach 4% in 2025

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In 2025, the market scale of micro LED will reach 4.9 billion yuan

micro LED is also known as μ LED or micro led, as early as 2014, Apple has acquired luxvue, the developer of micro LED screen, and has carried out research and development for nearly four years. It has a large number of micro1. Some emerging industries have put forward new requirements for experimental fixtures led IP. As of the beginning of 2018, apple has more than 60 micro led patents, and its product portfolio ranks first in the world in terms of scale, strength and depth

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Apple was not the only one interested in the micro led field. Technology giants such as Google, Facebook and Huawei were also increasing investment in related fields. Google invested $15million earlier this year and obtained 13% equity of Swedish manufacturer glo, while Facebook also acquired an emerging company called infiniled a year ago. Affected by the rumors of mass production of Apple micro led, MICR consumers often see some fuzzy text patterns printed on inferior plastic bags. O led continued to receive the attention and follow-up of LED and display enterprises at home and abroad in 2018

considering the application requirements of micro led in wearable devices, vr/ar, display screens, TVs and other fields, the LED Research Institute of high industry and Research (GGII) believes that micro LED will be the first to be applied in the field of smart watches, where the display size and resolution are an important parameter of the experimental machine, and the resolution requirements are low, because smart watches require the largest chip size, the smallest number of chips transferred, and the lowest technical requirements, With the improvement of the technology level of large-scale transfer yield and the continuous decline of chip prices, micro LED will then be applied to large-scale high-end TVs above 75 inches

finally, it will compete with OLED in the field of vr/ar, which is the most difficult for chip miniaturization and massive transfer

ggii predicts that the market size of micro LED is expected to reach 100million yuan in 2019, of which smart watch is its main application direction. Micro LED is expected to maintain an increase of about 75% in, and the market size of micro LED will reach 4.9 billion yuan in 2025

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