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Report on the application of PowerMILL software in Tianqi

through the practical application of powemill this time, some experience has been summarized. But after all, it has just started to use, so many excellent functions in detail need to be further mastered, so that we can give full play to the advantages of PowerMILL

the company has officially purchased and started to use several sets of Delcam processing software PowerMILL. In order to further elaborate the functional characteristics of Delcam processing software PowerMILL and the application effect of PowerMILL in production practice, we have carried out the practical programming application of PowerMILL on two sets of drawing dies n630 and n631

surface processing

powermill provides many excellent processing methods. In the surface processing of n630 and n631, we mainly use PowerMILL's best contour processing, pen back chipping and multi pen back chipping. Compared with other cam software, PowerMILL shows certain advantages in the programming and use of profile. In the programming process of the drawing die n630, using the best contour machining of PowerMILL, we only need to set up the rough embryo, select the cutter, click the application, and the software can automatically generate the optimal path. In this process, we do not need to consider using different processing methods for flat areas and steep areas. PowerMILL will automatically distinguish between flat areas and steep areas, and then automatically use different processing methods to generate tool paths. If we use other cam software to program, we need to draw the boundary, and then manually set different processing methods to process flat areas and steep areas. At the same time, if we don't use the best contour machining, we can also use parallel line machining, offset machining, contour machining and other methods in PowerMILL. Parallel line processing or offset processing is adopted for flat areas, and contour processing is adopted for steep areas. When processing with this mixed method, you can either make the boundary in advance in other cam software, or use the boundary formation method of PowerMILL. PowerMILL provides 10 boundary formation methods, including rough embryo, residual boundary, shoal, selected surface, contour, custom, etc., of which the selected surface and custom boundary are more suitable for us. The so-called "selected surface" means that PowerMILL automatically generates the required boundary according to the outer contour of the selected surface by selecting the surface to be machined. "User defined boundary" mainly uses the reference line set in advance by the user, the previously made boundary, the generated tool path, or the boundary drawn by the programming operator himself, which can be defined by himself according to the specific situation and the habits of the operator

in terms of root removal, the tool path trajectory of PowerMILL is basically the same as that of other cam software, but PowerMILL provides rich options in tool lifting, tool entering, and crossing, especially in terms of uneven distribution. PowerMILL can divide the connection between tool paths into three ways: short connection, long connection and safe height by setting parameters in the "tool cut in and cut out and connection table" in advance. Among them, there are 7 crossing methods, such as "on the surface, skimming, relative, and safe height", which can be selected for short connection; Long connection and safe height also provide three crossing modes of "safe height, relative and skimming" respectively; Moreover, PowerMILL automatically sets all tool withdrawal and crossing to fast movement, which improves the processing efficiency and saves processing time. In terms of tool entry, it can also set the minimum safety plane. Before the tool reaches the minimum safety plane, the tool moves in a fast moving manner. It is particularly noteworthy that the settings of PowerMILL's knife lifting, knife entering and crossing are not only effective for root cleaning, but also play a role in all processing functions provided by PowerMILL, which greatly facilitates our use in knife lifting, knife entering and crossing

in terms of collision prevention, PowerMILL and other cam software provide collision check function. The difference between them is that the collision check function of other cam software can only be used in root cleaning, and in case of collision, the tool path calculation time of other cam software will increase significantly, while the anti-collision function of PowerMILL has much less calculation time than other cam software. At the same time, 2. With 1 bang, PowerMILL can be checked either when generating the program or after generating the program, and the anti-collision function of PowerMILL can also check whether other operations such as profile and contour can improve innovation and sometimes cause collision. At this point, PowerMILL provides all-round safety measures, improves the safety of the program, and reduces the problems of machining overcut and collision. Other cam software is relatively weak

post processing

using the post-processing of PowerMILL, we can generate independent NC program output from the prepared program, or synthesize several programs into one program output. The post-processing speed is very fast, which saves the waiting time of post-processing. At the same time, PowerMILL comes with quite rich machine tool configuration files, which provides convenience for the post-processing of the control system for a few machine tools

processing effect

after the programming is completed, we have applied it in the actual production process. After the processing is completed, through observation, it is found that under the same 3. Temperature rise preventer: protecting the tested object and the experimental box, the surface effect processed by PowerMILL is good. At the same time, the machine operator feedback that the processing time in n631 is relatively fast

through the processing practice of two sets of drawing dies n630 and n631, it can be found that PowerMILL has its unique features. For example, compared with other cam software, the surface processing programming is more intelligent, and the whole process over cutting prevention function, collision detection function, and the cutting in and cutting out setting function of tools are quite good

in addition, through the application of powemill in practice, some experience is summarized. But after all, it has just started to use, so many excellent functions in detail need to be further mastered, so that we can give full play to the advantages of PowerMILL

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