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Microled and miniled are better than OLED! How far is the era of intelligent display

recently, the concepts of micro led and mini led have spread in the circle. Compared with the long-known OLED, micro led and mini led seem to have overwhelming advantages. Insiders said that micro led and mini led have obvious advantages and promising prospects. It is expected that this technology will bring more high-energy intelligent displays, and there will be broad development space in the fields of, television, large screen and led small spacing display. At present, micro led and mini led have caused a new upsurge in the display industry, and many enterprises have deployed related industries

micro led, mini led and OLED display technologies compete with each other

the emergence of new technologies will inevitably lead to the decline of old technologies, which is the inevitable result of human science and technology progress. The hydrophilic surface of micro led and mini LED has reduced the activity of lipolytic enzymes. The birth of the concept has also caused an uproar in the entire display industry. What are they? According to the survey, micro LED technology, namely led miniaturization and matrix technology. Simply put, a high-density LED array with small size integrated on a chip can reduce the pixel distance from millimeter level to micron level. Its advantage is that it not only inherits the characteristics of inorganic led such as high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability and fast reaction time, but also has the characteristics of self illumination without backlight. It is small, light and thin, and can easily achieve the effect of energy saving

compared with OLED and micro led, mini led came out in nearly half a year. Although it took a short time, it has received great attention. Mini LED is named for its grain size of about 100 microns and small volume. It can be used in backlight, small spacing LED display, large-size display, vehicle display and other subdivisions

in addition, after the emergence of micro led and mini LED technology, the advantages of OLED seem to be completely suppressed. In fact, as early as 2003, OLEDs were famous for their energy-saving, light weight and certain advantages over traditional displays. In the market, OLED was used in MP3 players in the early stage, and now many domestic and foreign brands use it on the screen. Up to now, the application of OLED screen is still relatively narrow, there is no sample project, and it is still very difficult to enter the practical stage

from the characteristics and performance of micro led, mini led and OLED, in addition to energy saving and small volume, micro LED has ultra-high resolution, better display effect, easier debugging than OLED color, higher luminous life and brightness, and more stable materials. The mini LED shows through experiments that it can achieve 80-90% NTSC display effect through the blue LED and the White Mini led with phosphor, which can present a more detailed screen picture. Although the thickness of OLED is the same as that of mini led, the defects of OLED have caused great shackles to its development. The color purity is not enough, the service life is short, and mass production cannot be achieved. To a certain extent, it forms a congenital difference with micro led and mini led

how big is the application market? Can it be commercialized

of course, the discovery of new technologies must be applied to the market in order to realize value. No matter what advantages and disadvantages micro led, mini led and OLED have, they should stand the test of the market. According to the existing market analysis, micro LED has broken the dominant position of OLED in the new screen market, and has great potential in micro screen display. Mini LED has also won the favor of many large enterprises with its unique advantages, and has carried out enterprise planning and market layout

Sony showed its unique micro LED display technology at the IFA exhibition last year, which attracted the attention of insiders with ultra clear image quality and color at that time; Apple's acquisition of luxvue, a micro LED display technology company, reflects its in-depth plan in this field; In the first half of this year, Foxconn Hon Hai Group plans to acquire elux, a start-up company located in Washington state through its four companies. The company is currently developing assembly technology for micro LED displays; In January, Sony displayed a large seamless display screen with micro LED technology at the consumer electronics show in the United States. In March, Google applied for a new patent, which is to use micro LED display to create new Google glasses... And so on. The application of micro LED display technology is very popular in the display industry at home and abroad

in the field of mini led, many enterprises are also unwilling to give up this development opportunity. The previous short-term introduction has left a deep impression on the display industry. According to the media, Jingdian has cooperated with at least four major manufacturers to develop Mini LED technology and products, and may ship them next year; Rongchuang believes that the possibility of introducing Mini led into TV backlight is very high, so rongchuang has developed Mini LED backlight; Recently, Taiwan's led enterprises plan to use mini LEDs in the field of television and intelligent backlight, as well as small spacing display screens; South Korea and Chinese Mainland are also working together to develop Mini led and micro LED technology. Peng Shuanglang, chairman of Youda optoelectronics, said that mini LED has strong advantages as a backlight technology and has entered the application stage, but micro LED is still in the experimental stage

it can be seen that enterprises have entered micro led and mini led, which has formed an industry trend. The high-quality performance and characteristics have laid a decisive foundation for its application and promotion, but there are inevitably many hard to hide facts under this upsurge. For example, micro led currently has two crucial problems: high cost, low yield, and difficult mass production; The other is that micro LED technology is difficult to be flexible. If these problems cannot be solved, the application of micro LED technology will be seriously limited. Although Mini LED technology can solve the problem of LED display splitting, it can be optimized in small spacing and large screen applications, but cost and technology are also a major problem, and it will take time to realize commercialization

the emergence of new display technologies will promote the advent of the era of intelligent display.

at present, the display industry is constantly promoted by new technologies and new products. Chinese display is also gradually playing an important role in the world's display ranks, and has been upgraded to a certain extent. Chinese display is no longer just the world's largest display product production base, and more patents and technological innovations are emerging on the world's display stage, It is pushing China and the world to a new stage of development

in this process, "intelligent display" has become the common goal of display enterprises. Some "smart" concepts such as "smart city", "smart furniture" and "artificial intelligence" have begun to take root in the hearts of the people, and the "intelligent" display realized by equipped with LED display can be applied to it, adding wings to "smart this protection switch is used to protect the heating pipe and humidification pipe from air combustion and water shortage alarm. The set point of cold and heat shock test chamber = temperature set point +20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ display"

looking at the whole display industry, we can see that the intelligent displays that have been realized today include: fingerprint scanning of display screen, face scanning, infrared scanning; Equipped with AR and VR technology, virtual and reality synchronization is achieved through new controls and gestures on the screen; Through sensors and research, it is shown that intelligent technology will display some information on different displays, etc. In the future, the promotion and application of micro led, mini led and OLED display technology may create more advanced and intelligent display effects. In this way, the era of intelligent display is measuring the tensile strength and is coming to mankind. But when it will arrive depends on the joint efforts of many enterprises in the display industry

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