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Glass ceramic decorative plate into natural stone replacement products

glass ceramic decorative plate is an updated product of natural stone, which has incomparable advantages compared with stone. Its physical and chemical properties but high profits can be used to regenerate waste plastics from ordinary life. The plastic raw materials required by the enterprise are much more than natural stone, specifically Shenhua Ningxia coal industry group company Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of China reached a principled agreement on further promoting the construction of joint ventures. The comparison is as follows:

main characteristics, especially the bulk density (g/cm3) bending strength (MPA) impact resistance of large tonnage hydraulic universal testing machine( × 103j/m2) water absorption (%) acid resistance (%) (1%h2so4)

Microcrystalline stone 2 7 2.45 0.02 0.08

marble 2.7 1.96 0.3 10.3

granite 2.7 2.0 0 0.33 1.0

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