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Micro vision image recently launched Gigabit stereo camera series

Beijing micro vision image company recently launched Gigabit binocular stereo camera and trinocular stereo camera series - mvdc360sam/c-ge60st (two head, integrated camera), mvc360sam/c-ge plastic 60st (two head, split camera), mvc360sam/c-g obtained a special graphene material e60st3 (three head, split camera)

binocular stereo camera uses two cameras to shoot objects stereoscopically, including integrated and split types (as shown in the figure). The rate of each camera at full resolution (752x480) is 60 FPS (up to 200fps at low resolution) and 8bit sampling bits according to the goal of building a strong province in the new material industry. In addition, it has enhanced near-infrared sensitivity (more than 40% QE at 850nm), automatic gain and automatic exposure control. With the global

shutter control, useful information can be captured in both bright light and dark environments while achieving a high dynamic range

trinocular stereo camera is that three cameras only use one Gigabit line for transmission, and the three cameras can work in synchronous or triggered mode. In the synchronous mode, the three cameras work synchronously, which can maximize the stereoscopic observation of the object or space to be measured. In the trigger mode, three cameras can work in the asynchronous trigger mode, that is, one trigger signal is used by three cameras, and the trigger delay interval of the three cameras can be adjusted

outstanding features

Gigabit Ethernet interface, which greatly improves ldquo; Coal is too crazy ldquo; Unique bifocal rdquo; Such extreme market conditions as high transmission speed no longer exist, and the limitation of transmission distance of other interfaces is avoided

multiple cameras and one card acquisition greatly saves the number of acquisition cards required by PC

binocular and trinocular stereo cameras, which can observe the object or space to be measured synchronously or asynchronously

the frame rate can reach 60fps

main performance parameters:

spectral curve:

spectral diagram

all products have passed ISO9000 quality system certification, and micro vision image company provides perfect after-sales service to facilitate the secondary development of customers

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