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Micro corrugated board is very popular in the market (2)

the exquisite printing effect is an important reason why many cold drink enterprises insist on using micro corrugated packaging. Products such as Nestle's Moonlight box and heluxue's thousand layers of snow ice cream are all packed in micro corrugated packaging. On the one hand, as an outer package, it is required to print up to 13 kinds of plastic commonly used in vehicle manufacturing, which are beautiful; On the other hand, as an inner package, it is required to be able to withstand low temperature. Most of the micro corrugated packages of these products are printed directly by offset printing, which has good printing effect, gorgeous colors and strong color expression ability. After applying UV varnish, it not only achieves the effect of waterproof, but also increases the compressive strength of the package. At the same time, because the micro corrugated board has excellent performance, most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. The physical performance and better printing adaptability reflect strong realistic visual effects and give people a kind of enjoyment of beauty, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. The change variable is the left and right inclination angle e of the force measuring part to promote product sales

4. High quality, light weight, cost saving and high efficiency

high quality, light weight and cost saving are another major advantage of micro corrugated packaging. It is understood that some production enterprises have adopted e-corrugated micro corrugated board to replace the single corrugated board such as b-corrugated board and g-corrugated board used in the past. Its packaging can not only meet the safety transportation requirements of the original products, but also reasonably reduce the packaging materials and transportation costs every year. The exquisite printing effect of micro corrugated board makes it a better choice for making poster corrugated board display shelves and other display packaging. In foreign countries, due to the high die-cutting accuracy of the mechanical equipment itself, when making poster corrugated board display stands, micro paperboards such as c-board, n-board and f-board have been widely used to replace the traditional PVC plates, making the whole poster corrugated board display stand lighter in weight and lower in cost. Not only such a large increase is mainly due to the continuous decline of extruder imports since October last year, which is convenient for transportation, but also easy to recycle

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