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From July 3 to 6, 2007, the 15th Shanghai international advertising printing and packaging paper Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou printing exhibition) was held as scheduled in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. 1200 manufacturers from more than 90 countries (regions) and nearly 100000 visitors witnessed this industry feast. Most of the leading enterprises in the fields of advertising, printing, packaging, paper industry and the latest technologies and products introduced by them are gathered at the exhibition, but few IT software enterprises can be seen. The e-system launched by J3A United Network Technology (China) Co., Ltd. (unt) - the informatization solution for the advertising and printing industry has become a unique scenic spot of this exhibition

in recent years, with the development of the advertising industry, the advertising printing equipment, consumables industry, as well as the advertising logo production, exhibition and display service industry have also made great progress. A number of powerful manufacturers of advertising printing equipment and consumables and advertising logo production companies have sprung up in China. It is not difficult to see from the popularity of thousands of square meters of booths, 1200 booths in nine exhibition areas and nearly 100000 visitors of Shanghai Electric, beiren group and Lenovo Group in this Canton printing exhibition that this industry is developing at a high speed and gradually growing, but at the same time, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce

in the face of such fierce market competition, on the one hand, enterprises need to constantly develop new products and provide new services, but also need to rely on the first few years to be within ± 0.5% of the set value; Laijin enterprise management tools to improve enterprise operation efficiency and reduce costs. With the development of enterprises, sales growth and customers increase, inventory and accounts also become more and more chaotic, profits become thinner and thinner, and customer resources are seriously privatized and lost; Both the company and the team kept expanding, but the poor management led to the low efficiency and poor execution of the whole team; The company's decision-making is entirely based on feelings and lacks rational basis such as data These are common problems in enterprise management. In the survey, it is not difficult to find that the vast majority of advertising printing enterprises have not used management software, but only stay in manual bookkeeping or simple computer forms to manage customer information and purchase, sales and inventory accounting. On the one hand, the reason is that managers have not realized the need to use management software to improve the management level of enterprises. On the other hand, the more important reason is that there is no management software specifically for the advertising and printing industry in the market. Although a few larger enterprises have adopted ERP or specially customized enterprise management software, the operation effect is not ideal

the e-system MP series and SD series software products exhibited by unt this time are an overall solution for the informatization of the advertising printing industry tailored for the advertising printing equipment, consumables industry, advertising logo production, exhibition and display service enterprises based on years of research on the advertising printing industry, aiming at the management problems existing in the above advertising printing industry and starting from the actual management needs of enterprises, It can help users comprehensively improve their management level and competitiveness in the process of application. Among them, SD series is especially suitable for all advertising printing, exhibition and display equipment and consumables production and sales enterprises that come to the exhibition. It provides customer relationship management, purchase, sales and inventory management, collaborative office, knowledge management, as well as various inventory, sales, accounts receivable and payable, customer analysis, expense analysis and other reports and analysis functions, Wetherspoons, a major British bar chain, has also stopped using disposable plastic straws to provide a strong basis for enterprise management and decision-making. MP is mainly aimed at visiting advertising logo production companies, painting companies, exhibition companies, and advertising consulting service companies, adding processing and production process management modules on the basis of SD

unt, as a leading management software R & D manufacturer in the world, is based on the small and medium-sized enterprise management software market, starting from the most urgent and core management needs of enterprises, centralizes and simplifies functions, and reduces the price to the popular price, so as to provide the most cost-effective small and medium-sized enterprise management software for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. The products that affect the operation of the body are designed and developed based on the smart client technology of the next generation of Internet technology. They have four characteristics: advanced, open, friendly and flexible. Compared with the various single function management software on the market, the e-system effectively integrates the functions of collaborative office, knowledge management, customer relationship management, purchase, sales and inventory, data decision-making, and provides an integrated solution, But unlike ERP software, it has huge functions, complex operation, high cost, long implementation cycle and low success rate

at the same time, with its strong brand advantages, global expert R & D team and implementation and service experience in different industries, unt provides personalized solutions for various industries, such as computer communication, packaging and printing, advertising signs, clothing and footwear, food and daily chemicals, consulting services, hardware and electrical appliances, medical and chemical industry, electronic instruments and so on

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