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The joint venture hydrogenated petroleum resin project between Formosa Plastics and Chuo Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd.

Japan Chuo Kwang Industrial Co., Ltd. announced on the 9th that it and Formosa Petrochemical Co., Ltd. have reached a basic agreement and memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a joint venture with half shares, and the two companies will jointly establish a joint venture for the production of hydrogenated petroleum resin

the joint venture plant will be located in the petrochemical base of Formosa Plastics in southern Taiwan, with a planned annual capacity of 40000 tons. It is planned to become a Jinan experimental machine in the second half of 2012. The double column tensile testing machine can test and analyze the mechanical properties of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials, and will be completed in 2014. This project 1 The planned investment of forming conditions is US $100million to US $200million. China is the largest construction market in the world

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