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United trucks deliver 50 dangerous chemical transport vehicles to Hangyuan logistics

United trucks deliver 50 dangerous chemical transport vehicles to Hangyuan logistics

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Hangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., located in tuokesun, Turpan City, Xinjiang, will also provide inexhaustible development momentum for the extruder industry. It is an enterprise specializing in the transportation of dangerous goods, The business scope covers the transportation of natural gas, liquefied gas and other dangerous goods in North and South Xinjiang. In 2015, the company launched a large-scale LNG transportation project, which requires the purchase of a number of reliable, durable, safe and comfortable vehicles. In terms of vehicle selection, after careful consideration, Hangyuan logistics has considered the technical indicators of each test of the experimental machine, and finally finalized the procurement plan for 50 k13n dangerous chemicals models of combined trucks

in mid July, a joint truck dealer, Xinjiang Kirin star automobile, conducted an experiment. The traditional inspection may take several years. The Sales Co., Ltd. and tokson Hangyuan Logistics Co., Ltd. officially delivered the first batch of vehicles, Mr. hupinghai, chairman of Hangyuan logistics, said: "the first reason for choosing the United truck is that it is of good quality, safe and comfortable; the second reason is that the United truck has a smooth and fast experience service. During the period of contact with Kirin star, the United truck has solved many practical problems. This is only the first batch of our vehicles, and we will have more cooperation in the future."

United truck is the only manufacturer in China that has passed the ADR European standard certification for hazardous chemicals. ADR function is mainly to quickly and safely disconnect the vehicle power supply. ADR system is mainly used in the occasions where electric arc is not allowed to be generated when the vehicle is powered on or off and the whole vehicle can be powered off quickly in case of emergency, such as oil tank trucks, chemical flammable and explosive vehicles, military ammunition vehicles and the warehouse environment (ammunition depot or dust workshop, etc.) where these vehicles are located. At the same time, the United truck dangerous chemicals vehicle is equipped with RSC (anti rollover stability control system) as standard, which can effectively control the driving stability of the vehicle, and control the output torque of the engine and retarder through the CAN bus to avoid rollover accidents

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