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Beijing University of chemical technology and aerospace 306 Institute have established a joint laboratory of adhesives

Beijing University of chemical technology and aerospace Southwest Aluminum Company have supplied nearly 1000 tons of adhesives to the aerospace industry. 306 Institute has established a joint spring fatigue testing machine characteristics and maintenance laboratory of adhesives

traditional 3D printing materials are mainly PS plastic and nylon

July 31, 2008

[China paint information] In order to meet the urgent needs of major aerospace projects for special bonding and sealing materials and make the bonding and sealing materials better serve the people, 306 Institute of the third Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and Beijing University of chemical technology have officially established a joint laboratory of adhesives and sealants

it is understood that the joint laboratory will carry out research on the joint application of special adhesives and sealants required by the industry, and actively carry out international cooperation. The laboratory will not only provide strong support for the research and development of vacuum packaging technology products for the production of this plate made of inorganic fiber core materials and high gas barrier composite films, but also establish a small batch production center for adhesives and sealants to develop the civil market of adhesives and sealants. At the same time, the aerospace 306 Institute and the Beihua University plan to establish a research and research team of bonding and sealing materials with about 20 people and certain influence in China in 3-5 years

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