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Joint research strategy kelaini promotes the development of high standards and high quality in the industry.

on the afternoon of August 25, the "quality and consumption of China's smart door lock industry" conference, hosted by China Hardware Association and co organized by China Daily hardware technology development center, was held in Beijing National Conference Center. Relevant leaders and channel representatives gathered together. Kelaini, as a member unit, was invited to attend the conference

at the meeting, the "smart door lock industry standard" was interpreted, and the release ceremony of the smart door lock consumption guide was held. The content action matters such as the quality, integrity and self-discipline convention of the smart door lock industry were released. More than 50 well-known enterprises in China's smart door lock industry, including kleeney, took joint actions to further promote the healthy, sustainable and high-quality development of China's smart door lock industry. Standards lead the high-quality development of the industry

at the press conference, Bi Zhitao, director of China Daily hardware technology development center and chairman of the daily hardware sub Technical Committee of the National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee, learned about the current national standards, industry standards and group standards of smart door locks and put them into operation for 18 readings

According to bi Zhitao, director of China Daily hardware technology development center and chairman of the daily hardware sub Technical Committee of the National Hardware Standardization Technical Committee, the standard system of intelligent door locks has initially formed a standard with China's special needs and at the world's advanced level after more than ten years of development. If you want to stabilize the market share system. Kelaini intelligent lock has also formulated a strict enterprise standard system, which is well-known for its high-quality products, in accordance with the standards, industry standards and group/local standards that are very important for the heat dissipation design of national lamps and lanterns to give full play to their advantages. Shi Senlan, director of China Hardware Association, pointed out: "taking standards as the guide, promoting the high-quality development of the industry, establishing the brand image of smart door locks, and correctly guiding consumption are the significance of this press conference held by China Hardware Association."

At present, the intelligent door lock industry has ushered in explosive development. With the growth of market scale, it has also brought some industry problems: the introduction and popularization of intelligent door locks have improved the convenience of people's life, but at the same time, the security carried by intelligent door locks has also greatly affected people's life safety, As an intelligent security barrier between Taoism and the outside world, the product quality and safety of the intelligent door lock industry must be highly valued. The high-quality development of the industry requires standard guidance. The Joint Convention promotes industry self-discipline

in order to ensure the high-quality development of the smart door lock industry, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, establish and improve the enterprise self-restraint mechanism, maintain fair market competition, create a good industry ecological environment, and promote the sustainable development of the industry. At the press conference, China Hardware Association, China Daily hardware technology development center and well-known enterprises in China's smart door lock industry jointly launched the Convention on quality self discipline and integrity in the smart door lock industry. Under the leadership of China Hardware Association, coreini will strengthen communication and cooperation, jointly study and formulate industry development strategies, promote the high-quality development of the smart door lock industry, and adhere to scientific and technological innovation, Improve the independent R & D and design ability of enterprises, and constantly improve product quality and service level. Safety is the most important thing, and we will never forget our original intention. An excellent industry-leading brand should not only have innovative and perfect technology, but also have the ultimate experience. The intelligent products developed and manufactured by kelaini impress people with quality and improve the quality of life with technology. As a high-end intelligent home enterprise, kelaini attaches great importance to the safety of products, the artificial intelligence chips it carries, as well as intelligent active defense system and AI self-learning user behavior, Make smart locks smarter and more secure when used

in order to realize the continuous optimization and innovation of products, corona has continuously strengthened cooperation with excellent technologies at home and abroad, formed its own advantageous technologies through independent innovation, built a modern and intelligent production base, and continuously developed high-quality, sophisticated and new smart home products pioneered in the intelligent manufacturing industry, highlighting the excellent quality and social responsibility of corona. The quality of a big country appeared on the international stage

on the morning of August 24, the day before the conference, coreini was awarded the title of designated supplier of the China Pavilion of the 2020 Dubai WorldExpo. The WorldExpo, known as the "Olympic" event of world economy, science and technology and culture, has become a powerful stage for countries around the world to compete and bloom with its magnificent technology and product display. Coreini will represent China's power to shine brightly in the world

standing on the world stage is an important step in the internationalization strategy of kelaini smart home, which means that the passenger capacity of passenger cars must fall. Kelaini focuses on the cloud, edge and end to quickly build a whole house intelligent platform and product system, including intelligent drying, intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent interaction, intelligent health and other full scene coverage. With AI technology, it creates an intelligent ecological environment with deep integration of home scenes, Bring a better life experience to families around the world. Improving standards and strengthening quality is a common call of this conference. As a member unit of "quality and consumption of China's intelligent door lock industry", coreni will work with the industry to continuously improve product quality and standards, bring better user experience, accept the testimony of people around the world with more advanced technology and better products, and bring a safe and intelligent life to more families

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