The hottest joint venture between Saudi Aramco and

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According to Dow Jones on June 17, the sadar petrochemical joint venture, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical with a total value of 19.3 billion Riyals (10.5 billion dollars) from a production line, said on Monday that the company had signed a loan financing with a total value of 39.375 billion Riyals (10.5 billion dollars), Additional funding will be provided to its huge chemical plant 7.3 in Jubail on the Gulf coast to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system

sada Jinan new era assay caused the equipment line to burn out. The attachments of the instrument Co., Ltd. are divided into compression attachments, tensile strength test attachments (Brazilian splitting method), and variable angle shear attachments. The company announced in the Saudi exchange that on Sunday, the company signed financing agreements with the export development Bank of Canada, the Islamic Development Bank, the Saudi public investment fund and some export credit institutions

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