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Editor's note: on March 5, the Liaoning delegation to the second session of the 11th National People's Congress deliberated the government work report. Liyingjie, mayor of Shenyang, put forward 10 measures to promote the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry by "people without me, people with me, and people with me"

On March 5, the Liaoning delegation to the second session of the Eleventh National People's Congress deliberated the government work report and opened it to the media. Nearly 100 Chinese and foreign observers attended the meeting. Liyingjie, mayor of Shenyang, made a speech on accelerating the construction of a world-class equipment manufacturing base with international competitiveness and realizing the second leap from adjustment and transformation to comprehensive revitalization of the old industrial base, which attracted widespread attention of the media. What we are most concerned about is the specific contents of the "extraordinary measures" taken by Shenyang to promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Liyingjie said that we will accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry with the 10 measures of "people without me, people with me, and people with me" from the aspects of increasing financial support, vigorously expanding investment and financing channels, effectively reducing the burden on enterprises, and further optimizing the development environment

these 10 measures include:

set up a special fund of 2billion yuan for municipal industrial development, focusing on supporting the construction of major projects in the advanced equipment manufacturing industry of our city and cultivating backbone enterprises

in the process of enterprise merger and reorganization, relevant administrative fees will be exempted, and appropriate subsidies will be given to the deed tax paid in the change of land and real estate ownership

improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises. For the science and technology projects of 0 equipment manufacturing technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, 10% of the investment amount will be given as a subsidy for 30 key support is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experiment results. We will provide funds matching support for major national science and technology projects undertaken by our city

support the technological transformation of enterprises. For equipment manufacturing enterprises that increase the sales revenue of the company's board secretary office by more than 30million yuan on the Sunday (November 26) of the "daily economy" that year, a reward equivalent to 20% of the new local tax retention will be given to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. For major projects with a wide range of speed regulation in the electromechanical advanced equipment manufacturing industry, a subsidy of 5% of the current year's fixed asset investment will be given

establish a risk compensation mechanism for the use of the first domestic major equipment, and give a subsidy of 20% of the equipment price to enterprises using the first domestic major equipment independently developed by the city. The R & D and production enterprises will be awarded 10million yuan for the first domestic major equipment (set) recognized by relevant state departments

promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Equipment manufacturing enterprises will be given subsidies of 2%-8% of the investment in fixed assets to carry out energy conservation and consumption reduction projects using advanced technology

support the export of enterprises, and give corresponding subsidies to the incremental part of equipment manufacturing export enterprises based on the export volume in 2008. For key enterprises with relatively concentrated export business, the tax authorities shall apply for, review and refund immediately

build an investment and financing platform, inject 2billion yuan from the municipal finance, integrate state-owned industrial assets, and establish an industrial development investment and financing company with a registered capital of 10billion yuan

reduce the burden on enterprises. Based on 2008, the minimum payment base for social insurance for urban employees will not be increased this year, and the basic medical, unemployment, work-related injury and maternity insurance premiums of urban insured units and employees (including flexible employees) for one month will be less collected. For enterprises in difficulty who are unable to pay social insurance premiums, they can postpone the payment of basic medical, unemployment, work-related injury and maternity insurance premiums

support enterprises to "go global", and grant subsidies of 20% of the actual amount of M & A to key equipment manufacturing enterprises for M & A of foreign scientific and technological enterprises and R & D institutions with core technologies

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