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Shenzhen has released the latest industry oriented catalogue, and 10 series including papermaking have been "banned"

Shenzhen planning and Development Bureau recently released the Shenzhen 2002 industry oriented catalogue, which determines that electronic information, biotechnology, modern agricultural technology and new materials should be checked every 1 (3) months according to the application status, including oil volume and new energy, ecological construction and environmental protection, opto electromechanical integration, infrastructure A total of 244 projects in 7 categories, including modern service industry, are "encouraged to develop", while 10 series of projects, including chemical industry, papermaking and pesticides, are listed as "prohibited to develop"

however, the sign of paper shortage is not obvious. It is learned that for projects listed in the catalogue to encourage development, all functional departments will guide enterprises, financial institutions and social materials to actively invest, among which high-tech projects enjoy relevant preferential policies in accordance with the spirit of the provisions of the Shenzhen Municipal People's government on further supporting the development of high-tech industries. For projects prohibited from development, it is not allowed to build new projects in violation of regulations. Those still in production and use due to historical factors must also be eliminated within the specified time

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