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Shenyang Wal Mart will standardize the use of bulk food labels. The label is equivalent to the food ID card, which records the basic original product information. Some bulk food in supermarkets did not do a good job in this regard. Consumers complained about the shelf life of bulk food in supermarkets in Shenyang

on February 27, Shenyang Administration for Industry and Commerce and Heping Branch respectively inspected the Taiyuan Street store of Wal Mart. On the same day, the relevant person in charge of Wal Mart supermarket said that it would further standardize the use of bulk food labels under the guidance of the Administration for Industry and commerce

on the afternoon of the 27th, the relevant person in charge of Shenyang Wal Mart said that the company attached great importance to the situation reported by customers and verified this matter in a timely manner. After investigation, the two commodities reported by the customer were both bulk food. During the sales process, Wal Mart publicized the description labels and related contents of bulk food at the commodity display, including the production date. Wal Mart has conducted a back check on the labels of bulk food in shopping malls to further standardize the use of labels of bulk food

manager Wang of the public affairs department of a large supermarket in Shenyang said that for bulk food, the outer packaging should have the production date and shelf life, and the packaging date can not replace the above two items. Manager Wang said that generally, the food with a short shelf life and no oil flowing from the oil return pipe of the oil delivery valve is easy to attract the attention of the staff, and the food with a long shelf life is easy to check. In fact, the food with a shelf life of months is easy to be ignored by the staff, so consumers should pay special attention to this kind of food

in view of the possible purchase of expired food in supermarkets and the non-standard packaging, many consumers said that in some large supermarkets, although the universal joint has been first connected to the upper connecting seat to set up a special counter for Eucommia natural rubber food, it has not been placed in an eye-catching position. Therefore, they hope that supermarkets can pay attention to the setting of the special counter for temporary food

Miss Wang, a consumer, said that when she went shopping in the supermarket on weekdays, she would carefully check the production date. The production date of some foods was not obvious, which was very troublesome. In some supermarkets, although there are temporary food counters, they are not conspicuous in the corner, and there are not too many food on them

young people usually check the production date of food, but it seems that it is not so easy for some elderly consumers. In Carrefour supermarket in Qingnian Street, aunt Tian purchased food in the fresh food area. Fresh food is easy to expire. I am old and old, and the production date on the package is too small to see clearly. Aunt Tian said that it would be much more convenient for her if there were special shelves to remind her of the expired food

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