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Shenzhen Municipal Council of the people's Republic of China issued the "May Day" holiday consumption tips. Advance sales promotion must be vigilant.

release date: Source: China finance and economics

according to the Shenzhen Municipal Council of the people's Republic of China, the May Day holiday is approaching, and a new round of consumption peak is approaching. In order to guide consumption, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and enable consumers to spend a safe, reassuring and comfortable holiday, the Shenzhen Municipal Council of consumers issued the consumption tips for the 2021 "May Day" holiday when the sample materials are divided into metal and non-metal

I. safety comes first in holiday travel

(I) travel reservation shall be confirmed. When selecting travel agencies and tourism products, specific matters such as food, accommodation, travel, scenic spots and insurance shall be confirmed; When booking travel products, you should book them in advance and confirm them in time to avoid problems such as not being able to enter the scenic spot or stay in a hotel

(II) the car rental contract should be clear. Select car rental service enterprises with relevant qualifications and good reputation, and do not blindly pursue low prices; When signing a car rental contract, you should carefully read the terms of the contract, check the charging rules, and confirm whether the vehicle has faults and other problems

(III) sufficient epidemic prevention measures should be taken. Observe epidemic prevention regulations and avoid going to medium and high risk areas; Wear a mask when traveling, keep a safe social distance, and carefully participate in large-scale gathering activities in closed places. If you have symptoms such as fever, you should see a doctor in time

II. Pay attention to hygiene in catering consumption

(I) choose carefully when dining out. Catering service units with complete business license and food business license shall be selected for dining out, and catering service units with food safety quantitative classification above level B shall be selected as far as possible. Order meals on demand, eliminate waste, and use public spoons and chopsticks when eating

(II) do not be greedy for fresh food. In spring and summer, a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables are on the market. For fresh sprouts and fresh vegetables, attention should be paid to the safety of processing and storage to avoid the "toxic, harmful and side effects" caused by excessive consumption

(III) purchase channels should be regular. When purchasing food (especially imported cold chain food), it is recommended to go to a regular supermarket or market, so it is necessary to be more professional in maintenance. Pay attention to the integrity of packaging and label letters, and establish a relatively complete platform for material research and development, product pilot test and test. Do not buy food from unknown sources, and store and eat it according to the instructions

III. shopping rationally and protecting rights according to law

(I) do not spend too much on demand. Rationally face all kinds of festival promotion activities, and do not rush to buy blindly due to the activity publicity of merchants. Pay attention to the actual price of commodities according to their own actual needs, shop around and buy again, and keep relevant transaction vouchers

(II) be vigilant in advance promotion. Be alert to the low-cost recharge, card handling and other promotional activities carried out by fitness, beauty salons, education and training institutions, pay attention to whether their business conditions are abnormal, whether they frequently change store names or legal persons, whether there are repeated low-cost promotions and other simple operations, and pay attention to the complaint publicity information and consumption evaluation index issued by the municipal consumer committee

(III) protect rights according to law and do not be impulsive. Do not trust the oral commitment of the business and add the key details to the agreement in writing. In case of consumption disputes, complaints shall be made to the Consumer Council or relevant administrative departments in a timely manner, and litigation may be conducted when necessary to rationally safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law

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