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It is reported that at 18:09 on November 5, Shenzhen Airlines flight zh9765 took off from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province and went to Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. 10 minutes later, due to cracks in the outer layer of the windshield in the cockpit, the crew requested to return according to the flight standard procedures and landed safely in Harbin at 19:10

on the afternoon of November 6, we learned from Shenzhen Airlines that after the plane landed, the ground service personnel of Shenzhen Airlines explained the reasons for the return flight to the passengers. The products are widely used in transportation, industrial products, electronic products, construction and other fields, and provide flight delay support services such as meals. Subsequently, Shenzhen Airlines switched the executive aircraft of the flight, took off again at 23:36 that day, and landed in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province at 2:11 the next morning

according to the staff of Shenzhen Airlines, the aircraft type of the flight is Boeing B737NG. The windshield of the aircraft has a three-layer structure. The innermost and middle layers are the structural layers, which bear the internal and external pressure difference of the aircraft, and the outermost layer is the non structural layer. The global aerospace composite industry 2014-2019 forecast analysis does not bear the internal and external pressure difference of the aircraft, which mainly plays a role in preventing the wind erosion and wear of the inner glass

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