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The price of stationery for children's products promotion in Shenyang shopping mall doubles

how to spend the June day? Buying stationery and clothes for children is the choice of many parents. Recently, I visited the children's counters in many shopping malls and found that information such as full gifts, ten times of points, 6.10% discount and so on came to me. It can be seen that shopping malls have made great efforts in promoting children's products

on May 28, I visited several large shopping malls in Shencheng that would bring potential safety hazards. In the children's zone, many parents are showing the experimental data and results. The experimental machine products developed are selecting holiday gifts for their children. Ms. Liang, a citizen, is choosing clothes for her daughter. A blue dress with good style is priced at 698 yuan. The price of children's sports shoes of a sports brand can be expanded to 480 yuan; Pencil, ruler, watercolor pen, eraser, crayon, scissors, water cup and other stationery are available in the stationery area. Pink represents girls' style and blue represents boys' style. The price of schoolbag is 328 yuan. A box of colored pens is 54 yuan and a box of pencils is 58 yuan. Only the schoolbag is 85% off. There is no discount for other stationery, but there is a rebate. I took a box of pencils and thought it over. If I bought it alone, it would be more than 20 yuan. If I changed it into a beautiful package, the price would double

Ms. Liang's daughter is in the first grade of primary school this year. On May 31, the school organized children to go on an outing in the park. Ms. Liang hopes to buy a new dress for her daughter to wear better and go to the park. She walked around and finally chose a dress of 518 yuan for her daughter. Although there was no discount, she was still very happy. The rich adopted daughter can't just think about spending money, but she still needs to buy some things that must be used in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtains, copper and other materials. Ms. Liang said

Associate Professor Hou Hui, Department of economics, School of grammar and law, Northeastern University, said: everyone lives in a commodity economy society. Commodity material is the most basic, and material expression is inevitable. Gift giving on holidays is also a way for parents to care about their children. The specific problem is, what is the better carrier for material quality, and what is the purpose of giving gifts. How to correctly and normally express and play a positive role in the growth and development of children is the key to the problem

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