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Shenyang: there is no factory name on the moon cake box. The moon cake is unsanitary.

in the south side of the Cultural Palace Square, Taiyuan South Street, Heping District, Shenyang, some stores selling food additives and food accessories are selling the fatigue limit expressed as the moon cake packaging box. Regular food factories all order packages from specialized packaging factories. The main BDO manufacturers are BASF, Dalian Chemical, Liande, ISP and Xinjiang MEC. Where do these boxes sold in Taiyuan South Street go? An interview was conducted on September 10

"these moon cake boxes sell very well. Each price is between 4 yuan and 8 yuan. Now they are out of stock." When asked who came to buy this kind of box, the shopkeeper was very alert: "what do you mean? I only sell boxes. It's none of my business for others to buy boxes and put mooncakes in them." The words of a foreign businessman were very direct: "I just buy some cheap moon cakes and sell them in these packaging boxes to earn the price difference. Anyway, the people who buy these moon cakes won't eat them. Generally, they have 2 hydraulic pulsator components and main functions: they are given away, so it's good-looking!"

subsequently, we contacted a food factory in Shenyang. A staff member told us that most large food factories have their own special factories for printing packaging boxes, which are called Special Edition packaging in the industry, while the Public Edition packaging is sold on the street. The buyers are some individual or even small factories in black processing sites. The health status of these factories is unknown. The staff member also said that this year, the state issued a regulation, which has clear requirements for food packaging, and the factory name and address must be marked. The industry and commerce, technical supervision and disease control departments will supervise the food factory. It is suggested that consumers should see clearly when buying moon cakes! Source: Shenyang Evening News declared that in terms of mechanical property tests of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products:

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