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Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be said to be installed in every household. Aluminum alloy doors and windows, in fact, are a kind of relatively common doors and windows, which refer to doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, stiles and fans. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are widely used in housing construction at present

aluminum alloy doors and windows is a kind of doors and windows made of aluminum alloy materials through certain processing procedures. It has the advantages of non rusting, non fading, non falling off, excellent durability, convenient use and maintenance, so it is very popular in modern times. Next, I will introduce the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows

installation method of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. The opening of aluminum alloy windows should be horizontal and vertical, and the outer frame and the opening should be elastically connected firmly. The outer frame should not be directly embedded in the wall

2. When combining horizontally and vertically, socket should be adopted, and lap to form a curved combination. The lap length should be 10mm, and sealed with sealing paste

3. When installing the sealing strip, there should be expansion allowance, which is generally 20 ~ 30mm longer than the assembly side of the window. The slope should be disconnected at the corner and firmly pasted with adhesive to avoid contraction joints

4. The gap between the window frame and the wall should be filled according to the design requirements. If there are no requirements in the design, we are going to use foaming materials to fill the gap layer by layer, leaving a 5 ~ 8mm deep notch on the surface of the gap and filling with sealing materials

5. After the installation of the window, the spray test should be carried out according to the relevant regulations to test its sealing performance. The installed window must have reliable rigidity. If necessary, reinforcement can be added, and anti-corrosion treatment should be done

precautions for the installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. Before installation, the shape and position accuracy of door and window openings should be set out and checked to check whether the quantity and position of embedded concrete meet the design requirements, whether high-rise windows are connected to lightning protection belts as required, and the construction unit should be urged to rectify the unqualified parts

2. Oxidation wood doors and windows caulked with cement mortar should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment before being put on the wall. Except for the surface facing the outer wall, other surfaces of the window frame are protected with adhesive tape or plastic tape. There shall be no adhesive tape or plastic tape facing the wall, so as not to cause water seepage in the joints

3. After the doors and windows are installed on the wall, use wood wedges to adjust and position, and then fix them with shooting nails. Iron nails and wood wedges are not allowed. Before caulking, the supervision unit (or the construction unit) shall be requested to make acceptance records of concealed works, and check the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of doors and windows. After caulking, wood wedges shall not be left in the joint

4. Waterproof glue must be applied between the aluminum alloy window frame and the wall after the wall is dry. If the wall is not dry and the dust is not removed, the water vapor released from the wall will make the seal invalid

5. After the wet operation is completed and before installing the glass and window sash, remove the protected adhesive tape or plastic tape and the dirt in the window frame department

6. After the installation of glass and window sash, check whether the accessories are missing, whether the installation is firm, and whether the window sash can be opened and closed flexibly. Before the acceptance, the outward open casement window should be closed to prevent the damage of the window sash caused by high winds and rainstorms

7. Aluminum doors and windows shall be cleaned and self inspected before acceptance, and detergent corrosive to aluminum profiles, glass and hardware accessories shall not be used; The problems found in the self inspection should be rectified in time

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