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If you pay no attention to customers, introduce products upside down, and customers buy your curtains - this customer is probably your in laws. What must be avoided if you don't want to be left alone

there are few stores, fewer customers, and more and more picky customers... Some people always say that it is difficult to do business this year

but there is also a saying: "there are no curtains that can't be sold, only people who can't sell curtains". If you pay no attention to customers, introduce products upside down, and customers buy your curtains - this customer is probably your in laws

if you don't want to be left alone, the following situations must be avoided:

first, shopping guides are not enthusiastic

brand publicity is not as good as a shopping guide. No matter how many advertisements an enterprise makes, the transaction of the final order still depends on the real effort of the shopping guide, and whether the salesperson is warm and polite is an important factor in determining whether customers buy

some sales experts once said that enthusiasm accounts for more than 95% of sales promotion. Maybe you will frighten people silly because you are too enthusiastic, but you will run away because you are not enthusiastic enough. Just think, if the shopping guide often wears a bitter gourd face, stares alert eyes, speaks coldly, and has a vicious attitude, how can customers choose products happily

second, not familiar with products

if the salesperson is not familiar with the curtain industry and only knows some superficial and superficial information about its products without in-depth and extensive understanding, the sales will not be successful

only by understanding your products and brands carefully, mining highlights and "comparing the length with the short" can you impress customers and make your products stand out in the cruel market competition

Baidu, who won't? If you want to be a winner, you must first become an expert. Familiarity with products is the premise of selling products. Master the correct product knowledge, be familiar with the performance of products, be able to recommend appropriate curtains according to needs, and even provide decoration matching suggestions, and be able to freely respond to customers' questions about products. Who is not convinced by such services

third, do not understand the analysis of consumer demand and customer psychology

the needs of customers are very different. Without understanding the needs of customers, we cannot provide effective services, let alone win the trust of customers. Many salespeople blindly promote hot or good products to customers, but they don't seriously listen to the customer's personality needs, which can only lead to customer disgust

successful sellers can often understand the needs of customers and find the entry point of selling. After finding out the real needs of customers, they can "tailor their clothes" and "take the right key" to ensure that every customer can return satisfied

IV. follow the trend to do activities

promotions, low-cost sales, group purchase meetings... The market is cold. In order to reduce inventory, many manufacturers have tried their best, and some places even fall into the strange phenomenon of "no promotion, no sales"

there is no blind promotion according to their own brands and product conditions, and their popularity can't match that of big brands, and their price can't match that of small brands. What are the advantages? You can only hack yourself to death if others do activities

even if the market is depressed, many stores are still doing well. Let's see how others succeed:

first, a professional shopping guide team

shopping guide is the first window for a curtain enterprise to face end consumers. A professional shopping guide team can effectively enhance consumers' confidence in the brand and improve the order placing rate. A professional shopping guide team must be familiar with its own products, understand other competitive brands in the industry, and understand the analysis of customer needs. In addition, it must also understand the analysis of changes in customers' purchase mentality

second, do activities according to brand positioning

brand itself is a commitment, a kind of word-of-mouth, which can greatly increase the chips for you to obtain customers. But please be careful not to blindly follow suit and cause self destruction of the Great Wall. A first-line brand dealer once said that they never promote on holidays and golden weeks when they gather together for promotion. Why? The reason is very simple. Everyone promotes sales. Their own price has no advantage. If they do activities, they become a foil. If they don't do activities at this time, they will "stand out from the crowd", which can attract some customers

third, professional marketing tools

simple oral introduction and product display can no longer meet the purchase needs of owners. Only by being good at using marketing tools can we achieve doubled sales results

a good marketing tool is like a sharp weapon, which can extend and magnify the force of sales behavior and improve sales efficiency For example, we use some marketing tools and design software to help us sign bills and help customers solve problems in various ways

IV. innovative marketing channels

in the ever-changing market, if you want to always have a place in the fierce competition, it is obviously not enough to rely on the traditional single channel, and the innovation of marketing channels has become the key. Designer channels, community promotion, e-commerce, multi pronged, there is always suitable for you

the above is to the majority of sales staff. In addition, Lanzhi curtain wall cloth "double 11 Lanzhi soft clothing festival" open warehouse and release grain "promotion activities are in progress in all exclusive stores across the country. Welcome to choose your favorite soft clothing products. From October 20 to November 20, shopping at the store and taking gifts





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