Lighting layout primary and secondary collocation

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After buying the house, most owners are already out of pocket. At this time, we must reasonably allocate existing funds for decoration, so as to highlight practical purposes, reduce the production of ceiling, wall shape and other projects, and decorate the home with soft decorations such as jewelry, cloth art, furniture and so on

the living room and bedroom are fully covered with laminate floors

many people think that the cost of laying wooden floors is high when decorating, so they lay wooden floors in the bedroom and tiles in the living room, but in practice, you will find that doing so may not save money. The retail price of brand laminate flooring sold in the market is between 65 yuan and 89 yuan/square meter, and many of them can be installed free of charge. If the floor of the house you buy is relatively flat (most radiant heating buildings have good ground treatment effect), and you can install it directly without leveling, then the floor price is equal to the total cost of floor materials; If the living room is paved with tiles, the ground will have a height difference, and the bedroom needs to be leveled with cement mortar. The cost of this part varies from 12 yuan to 20 yuan per square meter depending on the home decoration company selected; The medium and low price of polished bricks sold in the market is between 60-90 yuan per square meter, and the paving fee per square meter is 20-35 yuan. The final budget will exceed the price of directly paving laminate flooring

use cloth art to make old furniture look new

after decorating the house, many owners think that the original furniture is no longer applicable, so they adopt the complete elimination system, and all the old beds, mattresses, desks, dining tables, etc. are thrown away. In fact, the old beds and tables can be reasonably used to save money and save money. Changing a set of beautiful bedding for old beds and mattresses will definitely brighten people's eyes. Using an elegant tablecloth for old desks and dining tables can also achieve a pleasing effect

if the original furniture is really no longer usable, there is no need to rush to buy new products. At present, the formaldehyde emission of a considerable number of panel furniture in the market exceeds the standard. Even for solid wood furniture, the base plate and back plate are also mostly made of man-made panels. Therefore, we must be cautious when buying, and products with low prices should be resolutely abandoned

when buying cloth sofa, consumers are often attracted by the beautiful appearance, and it is easy to ignore the internal quality of its internal filler, wooden frame, sponge and so on. The survey of users shows that some fabric sofas with a price of less than 2000 yuan/set emit a pungent smell after they are bought home. After one to two years of use, they are beyond recognition. The fabric will fuzz, and the sponge is easy to collapse due to poor quality. It is recommended that you pay more attention when purchasing

primary and secondary collocation of lighting layout

in the process of decoration, do designers often persuade you to install many small spotlights on the roof and add decorative light sources on every picture on the wall? In fact, if you do so, you may pay 500-1000 yuan more only for the auxiliary circuit. In addition to the increased cost, it will also cause light pollution at home, which is easy to cause visual fatigue

according to the lighting design principle, only one main light source (top lighting lamp) and one to two auxiliary light sources (floor lamp or table lamp) are needed in each room. Even in the bedroom, people can omit the main light source at the top

the ceiling lamp in the living room needs to choose lighting with strong artistic shape, but it also needs to be simple and power-saving. Large crystal chandeliers or lanterns with complex shapes in hotels are not suitable for use at home, which will form a sense of depression. Multi row crystal lamps or PVC lamps with unique shapes are more suitable for the living room. In addition, when choosing lamps and lanterns, we also need to pay attention to integrity and unity

at present, when choosing lights, you will find that every lighting store mostly uses cold light sources (white light: cold), because warm light sources (yellow light: warm) will appear gray and yellow when placed in them. Don't be completely confused by this phenomenon. In fact, cold light sources may make the home lack a sense of warmth and are not suitable for bedrooms




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