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The weather in Wuhan has begun to cool recently, and many owners are ready to start decoration. A detailed and reasonable decoration quotation can help owners better carry out decoration budget planning and choose decoration companies. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network has sorted out the 96 square meters and a half package decoration quotation of Greenland Hankou Center for you. Let's have a look. You can use your mobile phone to scan the QR code below, pay attention to the Weibo of Wuhan home decoration network, and the private letter editor can ask about the decoration plan, quotation and decoration matters

quotation analysis: 96 square meters is a pattern of two bedrooms, two living rooms, one kitchen, one bathroom and one balcony. The total quotation of half package is more than 50000, which proves that the owner has high requirements for decoration. It can be seen from the quotation that hydropower, as a concealed project, is still the most invested. The second is the guest restaurant. The cost is basically the same as that of the hydropower project. After all, it is a place to entertain guests, which shows that the owners pay more attention to the guest restaurant and the aisle. Moreover, the cost of basic engineering is also relatively high, which shows that the owner has high requirements for construction technology and the use of materials

although the decoration cost is affected by many factors, it is very difficult to grasp, but I think a quotation is still very illustrative. For example, I can't ignore the water and electricity problem. I hope the quotation sorted out above can help you. Of course, if you have a house that needs decoration, Wuhan home decoration network can provide you with free room measurement and free supervision services. Enter the decoration bidding page of Wuhan home decoration network, and you can also get the design and quotation scheme of your house decoration for free, as well as the reduction and exemption of some decoration funds. See the activity page for details http://whjzw.net/zb/





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