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COFCO packaging acquired Kunshan mans to build an integrated packaging base in East China on December 17, COFCO packaging acquired Kunshan Mans, which is called speed packaging in physics. Just one month later, the company's performance in November hit the highest record of the year. Zhang Xin, the managing director of COFCO Packaging Holdings Co., Ltd., said that the acquisition of mans is an important measure of COFCO. COFCO will build a comprehensive packaging base in East China in Kunshan

COFCO packaging is a subsidiary of COFCO group and one of the most influential professional packaging groups in China. Mans packaging is a professional steel drum manufacturing enterprise located in Qiandeng, Kunshan. In view of the fact that MF packaging has no clear vibration power and good business foundation in the impact area in East China, and its geographical advantage close to Shanghai, COFCO packaging's acquisition of MF packaging is intended to echo and support COFCO's daily chemical business in Shanghai, and further expand the packaging fields of chemical cans, daily chemicals, plastics and other products, so as to consolidate the existing position of metal packaging business and create a leader in chemical packaging

Zhang Xin said that in the next few years, COFCO packaging plans to build a comprehensive packaging base covering east China in Kunshan in three steps. First of all, it will increase the investment and capacity supplement to Kunshan Mans, further enrich mans' product portfolio and enhance its business scale; Secondly, make full use of the geographical advantages close to Jinshan Chemical Industry Park and Taicang chemical industry park, integrate the business of Zhangjiagang company, expand the chemical tank business, and make Kunshan company the flagship factory of chemical packaging; The third step is to add plastic product lines, integrate Shanghai plastic business and build an industrial park in East China on the basis of chemical packaging - Peng Zhijun, the interior technical manager of the technical center of JAC automobile company. Through the construction of chemical packaging base and East China Industrial Park, we will strive to make the annual output value of Kunshan company exceed 1billion yuan within 3 to 5 years

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