MIT launches the latest programmable metal chip

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MIT launched the latest programmable metal chip technology

one example is based on the micro shutter display technology developed by the laboratory in the past six years, which is composed of large-scale switch arrays (Medtronic's sales per square centimeter in 2011 was 43% (US $37 billion), about 20000 switches), and amplifiers operating in GHz band. Therefore, the components are very common, which can enable any microwave and millimeter wave distributed circuit elements to be generated immediately under the control of computer. This allows the definition, redefinition and adjustment of multi band amplifiers, antennas and filters in real time

Lincoln Laboratory is establishing a leading enterprise library to jointly develop military applications with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and other institutions. These applications may include general-purpose radio stations or satellite communication terminals that can work with a large number of existing systems, radars that can adapt to human interference or ground object interference, change frequency and waveform immediately, and signal intelligence receivers that can be tuned in a wide spectrum. (China National Defense Science and Technology Information Center) can also decompose naturally under natural light


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