MIT has developed new glass materials that can ope

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MIT has developed new glass materials that can operate in the sun

smart, tablet and notebook computers will produce glare linearity under the irradiation of sunlight, which brings a lot of inconvenience to our living belt through a broken bridge. When the sun is bright, it will become very difficult to use iPhone or iPad outdoors, because the glass on IOS devices will reflect the sun. Although Amazon uses the screen of e-ink technology on the Kindle e-reader, the effect of this screen is not ideal

currently, Apple's IOS devices use gorilla glass from Corning, so the second generation gorilla glass was officially released at CES earlier this year. The second generation is more wear-resistant and 20% lighter than the first generation when the finished sample is removed to complete the whole process. Apple is likely to use the second-generation gorilla glass on the next-generation IOS devices. If MIT's latest research results can eventually enter mass production, it will be a very comfortable thing to use iPad reading in the sun. ENet Silicon Valley Power


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