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GE's new multi-core processor platform provides excellent video and network processing performance

3U openvpx-reddi mcp500 and gfg500 shorten time to market and are extremely flexible

Charlottesville, Va, August 16, 2011 - Ge intelligent platform announced the launch of 3U openvpx-reddi gfg500 Gigabit Ethernet video processor and 3U openvpx-reddi mcp500 at AUVSI Exhibition (Washington, D.C., from 16th to 19th). The apparent consumption of domestic crude steel will also decrease by about 4% every year. These ruggedized boards are deployed in harsh environments by using tillera tilepro "she said 64 multi-core processors (drivers only work in the process of movement, such as drones and ground vehicles) And demanding video and network processing applications

gfg500 is mainly for demanding video processing applications and preloads GE's powerful cutting-edge algorithms to capture and process multiple synchronous video streams from Gigabit Ethernet compatible video sources, thereby accelerating implementation and shortening time to market

mcp500 is a general multi-core processor platform, which mainly provides customers with a powerful and flexible platform through multiple processing to promote the use of software applications. Mcp500 is the most suitable reinforcement processing engine for network center applications, including packet processing, intrusion detection/deep packet detection, Unified Threat Management, network monitoring and forensics in tactical wired and wireless environments

for unmanned vehicles, especially unmanned aircraft, intelligent acquisition and communication are of great significance, so it is increasingly necessary to capture, process and distribute detailed video information. Said Chris Jobling, product manager of Ge intelligent platform. Gfg500 and mcp500 meet this requirement because they achieve first-class video and connectivity performance in a compact and lightweight 3U VPX structure, while the rugged appearance enables them to be deployed in the worst environments

the core component of gfg500 and mcp500, tilera tilepro64 700MHz processor, has 8 x 8 grids composed of 64 general-purpose processor cores, which is suitable for computing intensive applications. The processor exploits the inherent natural parallelism of video (pixel and frame parallelism), network (session and packet parallelism) and wireless (channel parallelism) applications, providing ultra-high processing capacity for applications that require high image processing and connection requirements. They all contain four 512mbytes DDR2 800 SDRAM memory, two 10 Gigabit Ethernet XAUI interfaces and two four channel PCI Express interfaces to build complex systems that can be configured as root components or terminal modes

gfg500 works with a single board computer and graphics processors (such as GE's sbc340 and gra111), and successfully integrates into a multi-sensor vision system. It can be synchronized. Next, we will introduce some ring stiffness testing machine testing items for different pipes and their corresponding supporting equipment, and manage a 30Hz 1392 x 1024 GigE vision video stream

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