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Ge: new major breakthroughs have been made in the field of next-generation optical storage technology

500GB holographic discs achieve the same recording speed as Blu ray discs

based on holographic materials, the disc capacity is equivalent to 20 Blu ray discs and 100 DVD discs

on August 8, Beijing time, GE Global Research and Development Center recently announced that new major breakthroughs have been made in the field of next-generation optical storage technology. The 500GB high-capacity holographic disc developed by GE achieves the same recording speed as the Blu ray disc, plus other technological progress made in the past two years, which is expected to make the time for the industrialization of micro holographic technology more mature

ge said that this major technical achievement is based on the successful development of the pioneering micro spring information storage material for shock absorption in April 2009. It can support 500GB storage capacity on a standard size DVD disc

Peter Lorraine, manager of Applied Optics Laboratory of GE Global R & D center, said: in the past two years, our research team has been committed to improving materials and recording speed, and has made the development of other key technologies to bring GE's Micro holographic technology to the market. As the recording speed of Blu ray discs can be reached, discs based on GE's advanced holographic materials will be very attractive to the commercial archives and consumer entertainment industries

due to meeting the recording speed required by the professional archives market. 6. The main matters for public opinion, the recent technological breakthrough made by GE scientists will enhance the interest of enterprises to promote Ge micro holographic technology, which has been involved in the government's scientific research project since 2014

Lorraine also pointed out that the technological breakthrough in recording speed also accelerated the process of Ge micro holographic technology entering the consumer electronics market. In the future, holographic discs using GE patented materials can be burned, read and written on systems similar to Blu ray or DVD players. In fact, because the hardware and format are similar to the current optical storage technology, the miniature holographic player in the future can also allow consumers to play their CDs, DVDs and Blu ray discs

in 2009, GE Global R & D center announced that it had successfully developed a new type of micro holographic storage material disc. This holographic disc with ordinary CD size can reach 500GB, which is equivalent to the capacity of 20 Blu ray discs, 100 DVD discs and the entire hard disk of a high-capacity desktop computer. Compared with Blu ray and DVD discs, holographic technology uses complete discs instead of only storing data on the surface. Therefore, the maximum capacity of holographic discs of the same size can reach 20 to 50 times that of Blu ray or DVD discs, so that the storage capacity of hard disks will be greatly improved by adhering to the good tradition. (wooden)

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