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Ge launched digital steam power plant

to ensure the lubrication between bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, GE power group launched a set of digital steam power plant solutions at the General Electric (GE) when wisdom meets machinery event in Paris on June 14. By improving the performance and efficiency of coal-fired steam power plants, this solution can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions

global power demand will increase by 50% in the next 20 years. At the same time, power supply needs to become more economical, accessible, reliable and stable. Stevebolze, global president of GE power generation, said: in order to meet these needs and achieve the goals set in the Paris agreement at the same time, enterprises need to rely on digital technology to accelerate transformation and achieve emission reduction goals. We will work together with our customers to explore the development path of future energy with comprehensive software and data analysis to achieve the goal of high efficiency and environmental protection

by monitoring and analyzing the data collected by more than 10000 sensors throughout the power plant, Ge digital steam power plant can help power plant operators make more informed decisions, let the power plant operate in the best state, and reduce the impact on the environment while increasing performance, improving efficiency and reliability. The solution will help eliminate 580 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions

Andreaslusch, President of Ge steam power system, said: in the post cop21 world, we believe that the best results can be achieved only by relying on digital power to achieve a balance between fuel diversification and efficiency maximization. By combining the original ALSTOM steam technology with GE's industry-leading digital capabilities, we can help our customers optimize the metallurgical alumina process of Chalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd. the energy conservation and emission reduction project is to make full use of existing stock assets and facilities to optimize the operation performance of the power plant, so as to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and reduce costs

the new digital power plant software released by GE power group can play an important role in helping countries achieve the cop21 greenhouse gas emission target. Coal fired power plants account for 40% of the world's total power generation. GE power's new software can reduce CO2 emissions from these plants by 3%. Using GE's advanced control and network safety software, the digital steam power plant can interpret the sensor data from the whole power plant and find the key factors that may affect the performance (such as fuel quality, aging degree of the power plant and sometimes the environmental conditions of non-ferrous metals and special metals such as aluminum alloy in order to reduce weight), and pass 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm 0.1nm take appropriate measures through the closed-loop control system. For a megawatt power plant, Ge digital power plant software can help these power plants reduce emissions by 3%. With the same power plant output, 67000 tons of coal consumption can be reduced every year

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