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Analysis of the ten common faults of printers (Part 2)

VIII. The printer does not print

there are many reasons for the printer not to print, including printer and computer. The following are introduced respectively:

1 Check whether the printer is online. On most printers, there is a light next to the "online" button to indicate the online status. Under normal circumstances, the online light should be constantly on. If the indicator light is not on or flashing, it indicates that the connection is abnormal. Focus on checking whether the printer power is on, whether the printer power switch is on, whether the printer cable is correctly connected, etc. If the online indicator light is normal, turn off the printer and turn it on again to see whether the printing of the test page is normal

2. Check whether the printer is set as the default printer. Click "start/setup/printer", check whether there is a small black hook on the icon of the currently used printer, and then set the printer as the default printer. If there is no printer used in the "printer" window, click the "Add Printer" icon, and then install it according to the prompts

3. Check whether the current printer is set to pause printing. The method is to right-click the printer icon in the "printer" window, and check whether there is a small hook on the "Pause Printing" option in the drop-down menu that appears. If "Pause Printing" is selected, please cancel this option

4. Type any text in Notepad, and then click Print on the file menu. If the test document can be printed, there is a problem with the printing program used. Focus on checking whether WPS, CCed, word or other applications have selected the correct printer. If it is a print file generated by the application, please check whether the print output generated by the application is correct

5. Check whether the remaining space on the computer's hard disk is too small. If the available space of the hard disk is less than 10MB, you cannot print. The check method is to right-click the hard disk icon of installing windows in "my computer", select "properties", and check the hard disk space in the "general" tab. If the remaining space of the hard disk is less than 10MB, you must empty the "Recycle Bin", delete the temporary files on the hard disk Expired or no longer used, and can make the pendulum blade strike 1500 documents on the 1 side away from the notch, so as to release more space

?. Check whether the printer driver is appropriate and whether the printing configuration is correct. Check the following in the "details" option in the "printer properties" window: in the "print to the following port" selection box, check whether the printer port is set correctly. The most commonly used port is "LPT1 (printer port)", but some printers require other ports; If you cannot print large files, you should focus on checking the "timeout setting" value in the "timeout setting" column. This option is only valid for printers directly connected to the computer, but not when using network printers

7. Check whether the printer port is open in the BIOS setting of the computer. In BIOS, the printer port should be set to "enable". Some printers do not support ECP type print port signals, and the print port should be set to "normal, ecp+epp" mode

8. Check whether there is a virus in the computer, and use anti-virus software if necessary

aluminum lithium alloy is used for the first time in the main structural materials of C919 large aircraft, and the amount is large 9 Check whether the printer driver is damaged. You can right-click the printer icon, select "delete", and then double-click "add printing 1. Structural ceramics and ceramic matrix composite strengthening and toughening technology machine", and reinstall the printer driver

10. There is no paper or paper jam in the printer input tray, and whether the printer toner box, ribbon or toner box is valid. If it is invalid, it cannot be printed

IX. paper jam or paper misfeed in the printer

the most common fault of the printer is paper jam. In case of such fault, the indicator light on the operation panel will light up and send an alarm signal to the host. There are many reasons for this failure, such as sundries in the paper output path, rotation failure of parts such as the paper feeding roller, no paper feeding in the carton, sensor failure, etc. the method to eliminate this failure is very simple. Just open the cover and remove the jammed paper, but pay attention to that the paper must be taken in the direction of paper feeding, and never turn any knob in the opposite direction

if paper jams often occur, check the paper feed channel and remove debris from the output path. The front edge of the paper should be just above the metal plate. Check whether the paper output roller is worn or the spring is loose, and the pressure is not enough, that is, the paper cannot be fed into the machine. If the paper output roller is worn and cannot be replaced for a while, wrap a rubber band for emergency treatment. After wrapping the rubber band, the paper take-up friction is increased, which can make the paper feed return to normal. In addition, improper installation of the loading tray and poor paper quality (too thin, too thick, damp) will also cause paper jam or failure to take paper

X. disordered characters in printing

whether it is needle printer, inkjet printer or laser printer, the phenomenon of disordered codes in printing is mostly caused by the damage of the printing interface circuit or the damage of the master microcontroller. During the actual maintenance, it is found that the failure of the printer interface circuit is relatively common. Because the interface circuit is powered by micro power supply, once the interface is plugged in and unplugged, it will produce instantaneous high-voltage static electricity, It is easy to puncture the interface chip. Generally, such faults can be eliminated as long as the interface chip is replaced. In addition, this phenomenon will also occur if the font is not loaded correctly into the printer

information source: 21st century maintenance

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