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GE Medical released lk2.0 directly to ai/promote their own digital innovation

she said that in addition to obtaining conventional image features, doctors also hope that when the disease develops to a certain extent, they can use AI new means to distinguish COVID-19 from other influenza A, hepatitis B, routine early lung cancer, etc., and help them analyze patient data from a higher dimension

but at present, through preliminary research, Ge medical visualization image genomics technology can be used to distinguish common pneumonia and other diseases, but the criteria for judging the difference of such diseases still need more units to participate in research and verification

"at present, many AI companies have made good attempts in the application of COVID-19, but we also face many problems." Zhang huimao pointed out, "it is very challenging to build a real AI product. AI products are the result of joint cooperation of multiple industries. The four elements of scene, data, algorithm and computing power are indispensable, and the soul of each product is the actual needs of clinicians. It is a long-term accumulation process to polish an AI product that truly meets clinical needs."

continue to work on the digital strategy

for GE Healthcare, the official release of lk2.0 is expected to solve the actual clinical needs faster. Dai Hongdong frankly said that this will also help speed up the implementation of GE Healthcare's digital strategy in China

"in the process of fighting against disease, another important weapon of human is science and technology. When laying out digitalization, our main consideration is to start from disease and use our advanced digitalization and AI technology to provide services for clinical practice." Yan Hua, chief marketing officer of GE Medical in Greater China, said

in this epidemic, in addition to lk2.0, GE Medical also provided two deep intelligent CT for leishenshan hospital, and provided digital medical products such as APM remote monitoring system for 12 provinces and cities. Among them, deep sky eye CT is based on artificial intelligence technology, which can automatically locate patients, help hospitals realize compartment operation, minimize the contact between medical workers and patients, protect everyone's health, and improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment. The APM remote monitoring system can use remote technology to help hospital early warning and repair CT, Mr and other related medical equipment

in the field of digital medicine, GE Medical closely focuses on the three aspects of intelligent hospital management, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, including APM intelligent medical asset management platform and its new radiology command center (RCC) module, cloud ECG, cloud imaging and AI application products based on Edison platform, mural intensive care command center and coronary medical image processing AI analysis system, and many other digital innovations, Provide support for accelerating the intelligent transformation of hospitals and reducing costs and increasing efficiency of medical services

according to GE Medical PR personnel, Edison is now the main carrier of GE Medical digitalization. The LK 2.0 platform released this time will be integrated into the Edison platform, combined with hardware, and will continue to iterate and upgrade on the basis of unified image markers and effective data, and further promote the formulation of industry data standards

The reason why GE Medical makes so many digital products, Yan Hua shows that the core is the whole trend of medical digitalization in China and the world. After this covid-19, the process of medical digitalization will be accelerated, which coincides with the strategy of GE Medical, and they will continue to invest and make efforts in this regard


GE Medical, which has a history of 100 years and ranks among the three giants of medical device GPS, is no longer a simple medical device manufacturer. In 2017, it launched its first digital project in China - Asset cloud steward; Last year, GE Medical also released the Edison digital medical platform, including apex CT, RCC command center and other digital products

just last week, GE Medical officially launched the CT image intelligent analysis platform technology for COVID-19, "Zhiying receives conference materials covid-19 LK 2.0", which assists in the accurate analysis of early-stage and suspected COVID-19, directly pointing to the field of medical artificial intelligence

lk2.0 platform only positioning scientific research

according to Zhang Yihao, President and CEO of GE Medical Greater China, COVID-19 AI platform lk2.0 is an AI technology independently developed by the Chinese team based on insight into the needs of COVID-19. They hope to support China's fight against the new epidemic with localization and digitalization strategies

As the evolutionary version of lk1.0, lk2.0 is an intelligent CT image analysis platform for novel coronavirus pneumonia, while lk1.0 is mainly aimed at pulmonary nodules, common pneumonia, lung injury and other diseases. Dai Hongdong, general manager of GE Medical China diagnostic drug business, said

the AI platform lasted for one month, using the image data of covid-19 patients in more than ten hospitals, and was developed by local scientists, including more than 20 doctors in chemistry, imaging, clinical and mathematics, as well as nearly 10 AI scientists and engineers

it is worth noting that lk2.0 is still a scientific research tool for scientific research, not for clinical diagnosis. Because the new type of coronal pneumonia is new to academia, industry and other parties, the related products need further research

"lk2.0 platform will first consider solving the existing technical challenges, and more importantly, provide researchers with a research platform with cutting-edge technology." Zhao zhoushe, vice president of GE Medical (China) College of precision medicine, said

Zhao zhoushe summarized the technical advantages of lk2.0 platform as follows: first, it can realize image pre-processing, spring steel, etc. The platform collects the whole clinical data and etiological information of patients, then combines it with imaging information, loads image information, and then preprocesses it through deep learning. Through image clipping, image resampling, image filtering, image quality restoration, image standardization and normalization, the standardization and standardization of data are improved; Second, a variety of methods to extract lesions business in 45 countries around the world. After the normalization of image data, the viscera are segmented and the lesions are extracted for quantitative analysis. However, due to the different characteristics of the lesions in different periods, lk2.0 provides a variety of means to detect the lesions, through deep learning or deep learning plus threshold method; Third, we should go deep into the molecular mechanism of patients. Due to the need to know the molecular level mechanism of patients in differential diagnosis, GE Medical provides molecular level features that cannot be found by the naked eye by providing visual image genomics technology, and combines these features, clinical information and pathogenic detection to establish a model, so as to improve the generalization and accuracy of the model

among them, Zhang huimao, director of the radiology department of Bethune First Hospital of Jilin University and chairman of the working committee of medical imaging and artificial intelligence of the central radiation Institute, was impressed by the lk2.0 platform visual image genomics technology


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