Analysis of TDI market trend in January 2011 in Eu

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Analysis on the market trend of TDI in Europe in January 2011

due to the weak market in November and December, the negotiated price of TDI in Europe fell by euro/ton in the first quarter of 2011. This is in contrast to the high price of aromatic compounds, indicating that the demand for TDI fell at the end of the year due to seasonal factors and the shortage of polyols

some market participants said that the price showed signs of consolidation, but it was not enough to represent the actual market trend. Jin min provided customers with a spray free scheme specially developed for the household appliance industry. On December 31, a manufacturer announced that the TDI and chlor alkali units suffered from force majeure, but it may have been restarted now. The test speed should not meet the requirements of evaluating the bearing capacity of lubricants under point contact pressure. At present, the test speed of all conventional metal and non-metallic materials in China is sufficient. The impact of force majeure on the market is limited. The price of aromatic compounds has risen sharply, which makes the production have broad development space in the home decoration industry, and manufacturers face more profit pressure. Some market participants hope that prices will remain stable after February

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