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Ge plans to sell its large industrial engine manufacturing subsidiary for at least $3billion

according to insiders, General Electric Co. is about to reach an agreement to sell its large industrial engine manufacturing subsidiary to private equity investment company advance International Corp. for at least $3billion, This move will bring the cash needed for this troubled enterprise group to enhance the lubricity of the conduit; The weaving process makes the extremely thin conduit more resistant to tension and bending

people familiar with the matter said that if the above transaction is concluded, it will be announced on Monday. According to the source, Anhong capital seems to have defeated Cummins Inc. (CMI) and successfully won the above subsidiary

General Electric has been underperforming for many years. In order to simplify the company's structure, CEO John Flannery plans to sell assets worth $20billion by the end of next year. The above transaction is another measure in this regard. Ge reached a complex deal worth $11billion last month to sell its railway business

however, investors are waiting for the latest major asset news that is expected to be released soon. Flannery still claimed that all options were possible, including the spin off of the 126 year old company

Ge just learned that it will be removed from the blue chip stock index after more than a century of joining the Dow Jones industrial average. The company's share price closed at $13.05 on Friday, down more than half in the past year

the asset being sold is GE's distributed generation business, which produces gas engines of jenbacher and Waukesha brands. These truck sized devices are often painted bright orange or green to generate electricity in remote areas, in conjunction with other industrial operations that require mechanical transmission

this transaction divested two assets acquired by former CEO Jeff Immelt. Last summer, Immelt left office after 16 years in charge of General Electric. At that time, investors put pressure on the company to improve profits and boost share prices. After Immelt left, General Electric slashed dividends and financial targets

world business[] according to the news, 200 made use of this feature to acquire jenbacher, headquartered in Austria, in three years. In 2010, General Electric bought dresser Inc., an oil and gas equipment manufacturer, for $3billion, and Waukesha, founded in 1906, was part of the deal

in 2015, General Electric announced that it would stop engine production in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and transfer 350 jobs to a new factory in Canada to use the country's export financing mechanism to engage in new overseas businesses. This decision caused disputes. GE's action is an adjustment to the fact that the U.S. Congress has not re authorized the Export Import Bank of the United States; This bank is an export financing entity in the United States

Anhong capital, a global M & A enterprise, manages assets of about US $41billion, involving many industries such as industry, financial services, telecommunications and media

the transaction between general electric and Anhong capital is somewhat surprising, because compared with companies in the industry, M & A companies are usually at a disadvantage in bidding, because they have fewer opportunities to reduce overlapping costs. In March, the Dutch coating giant Akzo Nobel N.V., akzoy's sale of special chemicals business attracted attention. In this bidding war, Anhong capital and Bain Capital lost to a consortium led by Carlyle Group (CG)

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