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Ge lighting prepares for Guangya Exhibition, innovative products lead the transformation of business lighting

Ge lighting, a well-known brand in the global lighting industry, will appear at the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Booth No.: 3.1b02) from June 9 to 12, 2012 with the theme of "light and shadow, shining the future". At that time, Ge lighting will show the industry its latest lighting technology, products that shut down the experimental machine or equipment, and perfect lighting solutions and innovative applications. At the same time, it will also gather industry elites during the exhibition to share and discuss industry hot topics and successful examples of lighting applications, and take this opportunity to continue to convey its vision of leading global lighting change and creating a better life world

in the past year, affected by the global economic environment and policies, the lighting industry has experienced ups and downs between the cold market and the high point, resulting in changes different from the past: incandescent lamps are about to be eliminated, the LED market is in full swing, and the LED lighting curtain is officially opened... Guangzhou lighting exhibition, as an industry barometer, People in the industry have to wait and see: what changes and innovations will be presented by major brands at Guangya Exhibition in 2012

ge lighting, as a leader in the innovation and development of the global lighting industry, adheres to Edison's innovative spirit and wisdom, and is always committed to developing energy-saving and efficient solutions. Ge lighting previously unearthed a lamp buried for a century during the celebration of its 100th anniversary in the US headquarters' nelapark Park, in which three tungsten bulbs are still shining. At this Guangya Exhibition, its booth design will also highlight Ge lighting's century old brand heritage and scientific and technological innovation ability. For fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil, the booth will run through a brand historical development time axis, focusing on the process of creating epoch-making scientific and technological products. The 272 square meter exhibition area layout on the site makes an experiential scene interpretation of Ge lighting's representative solutions in retail stores, office environment, hotel catering, roads, industry and other application markets, showing high-quality practical applications

during the exhibition, Ge lighting will also hold a series of wonderful activities relying on brand resources. This year, two new LED products representing the transformation of commercial and indoor space lighting will be released. Combined with the release form of light and shadow, it is believed that it will bring new experiences and feelings to the on-site participants, and fully demonstrate the all-round exploration and development of Ge lighting in terms of design innovation, energy efficiency and improving lighting quality. In addition, Ge lighting also introduced the Edison Award, one of the most authoritative competitions in the international lighting industry, which was founded in 1983. At that time, lighting design experts will analyze the value of excellent lighting design in comprehensive functionality, visual effect, energy conservation and environmental protection to the audience, and grandly launch the Asian jury representatives to promote the investigation and collect public opinions in Asia for the new award selection;. At the same time, Ge lighting also held a series of seminars on road lighting, retail lighting, stadium lighting and lighting solutions for the hotel and catering industry during the exhibition, providing an excellent platform for stakeholders, industry visitors and customers in the lighting industry chain to deepen their understanding and promote cooperation

now, when the global lighting industry has undergone changes, Ge lighting has always been committed to leading the industry's technological innovation. It hopes to improve people's lighting methods in industry, commerce and urban residence through green innovative lighting solutions, commercial operation transformation and efforts to build a world-class operation platform. This exhibition will show that Ge lighting will further promote the industry reform with its innovative products and solutions, It is a great opportunity to promote industrial exchanges and cooperation. I hope fiberforge system can help more excellent light and shadow creation become a reality by using continuous glass fiber ribbon or carbon fiber ribbon, so as to jointly create a better world

(source: Shengfeng building materials)

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