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Ge reinforced micro image stabilizer significantly reduces size, weight and power consumption

mip3es is an ideal solution for harsh and narrow environments such as unmanned aerial vehicles

Charlottesville, VA, August 16, 2011 - Ge intelligent platform announced the launch of mip3es micro image stabilizer at AUVSI (Washington, D.C., 16-19). This product complements the adept3000 micro video tracker, which has been successfully pilot produced in various projects recently. Like adept3000, the ruggedized mip3es is mainly to meet the size, weight and power consumption, which are seriously affected by data backup: the test data can be saved in military/aerospace applications limited by any hard disk partition. The size of mip3es is only 34mm x 24mm, which is almost the size of microprocessor. It weighs as light as 6G and has low power consumption (about 1.5W). It is suitable for deployment in narrow and harsh conditions, such as small unmanned aerial vehicles, video balance rings and portable devices

mip3es, despite its ultra-small size, can achieve ultra-high stability of real-time video images under any standard definition analog video signal. The product integrates airborne serial links, which can connect most platforms through intuitive web-based software, and is easy to configure and control devices

mip3es further expands the scope of Ge image processing and video processing solutions. Said Chris Jobling, product manager of Ge intelligent platform. These solutions are characterized by excellent cost performance, solid structure and ease of operation. They are easy for customers to implement in various environments, have advanced system capabilities, and can be deployed quickly

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