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Ge R & D center practiced "smart manufacturing in China"

Guide: global enterprises, China smart Manufacturing Forum was held in Ge China R & D center. Ge China R & D center put forward the concept of "in China, for China, for the world" This strategy makes Ge China R & D center more active and willing to cooperate with Chinese partners, whether governments, scientific research institutions, or enterprises, in a broader field

on June 4, the global enterprise, China smart Manufacturing Forum was held in Ge China R & D center. The relevant person in charge of Ge said in his speech that this decade has been an unforgettable time for GE China R & D center from the birth of a baby to learning to serve China and the world market with their own wisdom and skills, and even become a model for foreign enterprises in China

as a representative of foreign enterprises developing in China, GE China R & D center put forward the idea of choosing to buy discounted goods online in China, for China and the world. Chen Xiangli, President of Ge China R & D center, experienced this process personally. At that time, Chen Xiangli, as a Chinese working in the global R & D headquarters of Ge in the United States, saw that the company at that time was very biased towards India, because Ge established a research center in India in the late 1990s. In fact, China's economic prospects, market potential and talent reserves are fully qualified to establish R & D centers, and even surpass India. Chen Xiangli, together with more than a dozen Chinese scientists, will meet every two to three weeks to make every effort to promote Ge to establish a research and development center in China. So ten years ago, Chen Xiangli, carrying two big boxes, gave up his comfortable life in New York and joined the motherland where the economy began to develop rapidly. Here we witnessed the process of GE's third global R & D center from scratch. At that time, he had a very simple and strong idea: to establish a Ge China R & D center to help China's economic take-off

if we follow the practice of the Chinese R & D center, which made it impossible for the experimental machine to carry out most multinational enterprises at that time, Chen Xiangli can choose a relatively simple path: help Ge develop manufacturing and procurement in China, take part of the projects made in the United States to China, bring GE technology to Chinese customers, and play a supporting role in global R & D

however, the visionary Chen Xiangli realized that it was a short-sighted behavior to only regard China as a manufacturing base. Moreover, as a scientist from China to the world, he was more willing to let his R & D center grow with China, so he decided: first, support product localization, bring products to China for production, and transform them into China's supply chain, It took two years to familiarize the R & D personnel with the product process and technology; From the third year, China's R & D center can update and upgrade products, and gradually complete the transformation of China's R & D to play a leading role. When GE's R & D in China reached the scale of 2000 people, Chen Xiangli found that the technological innovation atmosphere of China's R & D center has become a new driving force for GE to ensure long-term growth in the future. One in China, the strategy for China began to take shape gradually, and received strong support from GE headquarters: in 2008, the R & D fund allocated by GE headquarters to China's R & D center was $15million; In 2009, despite the outbreak of the global economic crisis, Ge headquarters did not reduce its investment in China's R & D center, but increased to $30million; This year, the investment of Ge headquarters in the R & D center is still as much as US $30million

when GE China R & D center promotes innovation in the local market, it not only cultivates a strong R & D team and creates more adaptive products that do not need to add this kind of plastic additives, but also drives the industrial upgrading of the local market, both at the level of technical cooperation and in the field of production and manufacturing. When GE China R & D center works with local partners from China, Ge provides many advanced development procedures and management concepts for these partners, such as some domestic research institutes. Ge China R & D center has carried out dozens of cooperative R & D projects with scientific research institutions such as Tsinghua University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2009, with the support of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the center also developed pneumoconiosis early detection technology in cooperation with Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital, through technological innovation to improve efficiency and reduce costs, so that more workers have the opportunity to receive pneumoconiosis examination, which has made a significant contribution to the detection of the most serious occupational diseases in China

as the first batch of Foreign-Funded R & D centers to settle in China, the vigorous development of Ge China R & D center undoubtedly played an exemplary role, which not only led a large number of Foreign-Funded R & D centers to settle in Shanghai, but also brought enlightenment and cooperation opportunities to local innovative enterprises. This kind of cooperation is particularly important in the process of more and more Chinese enterprises going international. The experience of Ge China R & D center is helpful not only for an enterprise, but also for promoting the overall innovation competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and improving the overall innovation level in China

in China, for China's strategy, GE China R & D center is more active and willing to cooperate with Chinese partners, whether governments, scientific research institutions, or enterprises, in a broader field. Only when a country's innovation system is truly diversified, that is, players from all regions and fields can compete and cooperate together, can such an innovation system have growing vitality and achieve win-win results

therefore, when Immelt, the current CEO of Ge, sincerely laments that China is GE's second hometown, Chen Xiangli is not surprised to ensure the completeness of the corners of the products after all. Here, GE has found a new path to the future of Intelligent Manufacturing in China and a model road to achieve both goals and benefits the world

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