The hottest Ge investment in Arizona solar energy

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General Electric invests in Arizona solar energy project

general energy financial services (GE EFS), a part of General Electric, announced on Wednesday that it had acquired a $100million stake in a large solar energy project in the United States, bringing its investment in this field to $140billion last year. This is a big deal about the company's investment in solar power stations recently. The company is eager to have public power stations, thanks to the government's set goals for renewable energy and the funding for projects

Ge EFS has invested 1GW in solar projects, including the United States, Australia, Spain, Canada and Italy. A few months later, it is still possible to apply recycled water to a small part of the extruded plastic cooling 1. A deal with India will be signed. CEO Alex Urquhart said in an interview: this year, we made a clear decision to expand our investment in solar energy. We are very successful at present. In fact, we are 9% higher than we expected Fasteners should be locked regularly: the vibration after the specimen is broken often but will cause some fasteners to retreat. AGC aerocomposites (supplier of composite aerospace components) refused to disclose its ownership shares in the power station and the specific number of expected return on investment

investors are attracted by large solar power plants such as Arlington Gu, because it will enable them to obtain stable and predictable continuous income through power sales, and the operating cost is very low. Unlike those fossil fuel power plants, they must buy coal or natural gas

last year, general EFS signed an agreement with Exelon, a utility company, to purchase the 550 MW desert solar power plant of first solar in California. The construction of the plant is expected to cost $2billion. Several large-scale solar power plants in the United States have attracted large investors, including Sino American energy company, new era energy company and NgR energy. General EFS invests in renewable energy and traditional energy all over the world. In October last year, it purchased about $1billion of energy engineering bonds from the Bank of Ireland

the initiative of investing in Indian solar energy will make it one of the earliest investors. It is expected that India will develop into the largest solar energy market in the world. I think there are many opportunities for Indian solar energy. This is the initial stage of its development. Obviously, there will be ups and downs, but we are very interested in this. We are making our first investment in this field

General EFS also has a team for solar roof installation in residential and commercial areas

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