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Ge natural gas, wind and solar hybrid power plant will start operation in 2015

General Electric (GE) announced that its first 530 MW power plant integrating wind, solar and natural gas will start operation in Turkey in 2015. The power plant is practical because it adopts a flexible and efficient natural gas system, which was released by the company two weeks ago. Another reason is that it adopts a solar thermal power system. The developer of this system is eSolar, an emerging company located in Burbank, California, which was invested by general electric company not long ago

smart power: the new gas turbine of General Electric Company, shown here is the perspective of the sectional view, which not only has high efficiency, but also can quickly change the power output to make up for the unstable output power of solar power plants and wind farms

Ge claims that in some parts of the world, this hybrid plant can become a leading type of new power plant. The countries targeted by this new technology use 50 hertz power (the United States uses 60 Hertz power). In particular, this technology makes it easier for China and the EU to achieve renewable energy goals

adding solar energy to natural gas power plants is not a new idea, but it is not economical without government subsidies. Ge claims that because it has new turbines and related equipment, and utilities can properly combine solar and natural gas prices, these hybrid plants can be competitive, even without government funding

Ge claims that although it is not new to combine solar thermal power and natural gas turbines, it is new to integrate wind energy into such a system. Matching wind energy with natural gas power plants helps to reduce some wind power costs. Wind farms can share the control systems of some natural gas power plants and their connections with electricity. At the same time, natural gas power plants can also eliminate the fluctuations generated by wind turbines

solar thermoelectricity requires the use of a square array of mirrors to focus sunlight and generated heat to produce steam. These steam are injected into the steam turbine (steam 8, friction loss detection M turbine) to improve the power output in the natural gas combined cycle plant

the solar condenser array produced by Iraq solar energy company can reduce the cost from two aspects. Its modular concentrator (it is understood that the ator system) is easy to install and transform, which can meet the needs of specific power plants. It can produce steam with higher temperature, which is higher than some previous solar thermal systems, and can improve power output. GE has also developed an efficient natural gas power plant, whose power output is easy to adjust to compensate for the fluctuation of solar output power

the solar thermal system is connected to the natural gas power plant. In order to avoid the looseness of the test piece during the experiment process, which leads to the deviation of the results, there is no need to purchase independent steam turbines and related equipment, which can reduce the cost of the solar thermal system by 50%, Jon middot; The influence of zero adjustment of fan experimental machine pointer on the test results before the use of the experimental machine, Jon van scoter said that he was the president and CEO of Iraq solar energy company. Paul browning, vice president of thermal products of General Electric Company, called it the most cost-effective form of solar power generation available today

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