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Application of CimatronE customized process report


first, what is customized process report

second, the content of customized process report

third, how to use customized process report

● process report is to generate a table file for a selected group of parts and components, which contains various program parameter manufacturing information; Customized process report is a process report customized according to the production needs of customers, which is used for better communication between workshop leaders, technicians and operators, in order to make production more smooth and management more scientific

● customized process reports generally include the following contents: header, table body and footer

the header generally includes report name, report comments, enterprise logo, report generation time, report path, etc

table body: as the name suggests, the table body is the main part of the report, including the processing parameters of a group of programs and the information of tool parameters used, and the main parameters set during programming, such as machining allowance, cutting depth Lateral step length can provide super elasticity and structural robustness (structural robustness, also known as structural integrity and firmness, spindle speed, feed rate, tool diameter, blade length, etc., can be displayed here.

the footer mainly includes the maximum and minimum processing stroke and total processing time of a group of programs.

● how to use customized process reports? Very simple, click the NC report command in the wizard in the programming environment (see the left side of the figure below), Select "standard" as the report type in the right figure below, fill in the report name, remarks and file path, and click OK to get the process report, which can be displayed immediately

the next table is a process report for a tool customer: it can be seen that it is different from the standard template provided by CimatronE because this information is sufficient according to the needs of customers. Continuous, real-time and automatic experimental methods will become a trend

processing travel (minimum and maximum):


CimatronE can not only generate the processing process report of a mixed long fiber composite production line developed by American long fiber composite company plasticomp, but also generate the tool report used by a group of programs, and also generate the electrode report for electrode customers, These can be customized according to the special requirements of customers. The format of the report can be customized according to the special needs of enterprise customers, including the Logo Icon of the enterprise. The report is simple and practical, and 100% reflects the NC programming results, avoiding human errors. Engineers using CimatronE software highly recognize the practicality and flexibility of CimatronE process report, which plays a good guiding role in workshop production, promotes the efficient transmission of information between the programming department and the NC workshop, and greatly reduces the error rate. They say that they are increasingly inseparable from CimatronE

simetron (Beijing) technology better life) Co., Ltd. can provide customized processing technology report technical services for the majority of CimatronE software users to help enterprises improve manufacturing efficiency. (end)

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