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The application of five axis linkage NC machining technology

this paper introduces the structural model of multi axis linkage NC machining center, puts forward the multi axis programming, post-processing method and machining example based on typical cad/cam software UG, expounds the coordinate transformation relationship of each axis of a double pendulum five axis linkage machine tool, and develops a post-processing system, which provides a reference for the formulation of multi axis linkage machining scheme

at the same time 1 Introduction

one of the trends of modern advanced mechanical manufacturing technology is the complexity and precision of product shape and structure. On the one hand, in order to meet the requirements of dynamic performance, the shape and structure of aerospace products are often very complex; On the other hand, in order to meet people's personalized and aesthetic needs, some civil products (toys, decorations) are designed in strange shapes, which provides opportunities and conditions for the wide application of multi axis NC machining technology. Because 1 Compared with traditional processing methods, the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of electronic tensile testing machine has obvious advantages in manufacturing products with complex shapes. For example, one-time clamping can process multiple surfaces of complex parts, and has high efficiency under the condition of ensuring certain accuracy. At present, the application of multi axis NC machining technology still faces many difficulties. For example, the machining object is often complex in shape, and the programming of the five axis itself is abstract and complex, and the operation is also complex. In addition, the multi axis machining process is lack of experience to follow, so it is difficult to realize general multi coordinate programming. Therefore, the processing of multi coordinate machining in the programming system generally adopts the method for special parts [1]

2 structural model of multi axis CNC machine tools

as a typical representative of multi axis machine tools, five axis linkage machine tools can theoretically process parts with arbitrary complex surfaces. Therefore, the research on the structural model of the five axis linkage machine tool can not only understand its motion principle, which is helpful to compile a perfect post-processing program for the specific machine tool structure and parameters, but also can be extended to the structure and motion mode of more axes. At the same time, three-axis and four axis machine tools can be regarded as special forms of five axis machine tools, which makes it easier to understand and apply this kind of phenomenon, which is neither completely different from large deformation above the glass transition temperature (high elastic deformation or plastic deformation) nor from viscous activity at high temperature

five axis linkage machine tools are generally composed of three translational axes plus two rotating axes. According to the specific structure of the rotating axis, they can be divided into three forms: tool double swing, workbench double rotation and tool swing plus workbench rotation. Now it is defined that the axis whose normal vector of the rotation axis does not change is the orientation axis, and the axis whose normal vector of the rotation axis changes is the change axis. Because the five axis machine tool with double swing tool has the characteristics of workbench and moving shaft, it can process large-scale parts with complex surfaces, and it is easy to achieve excellent high-speed performance. This paper takes this kind of machine tool as the object

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