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The application of imitation metal etching printing process in card products

imitation metal etching printing process is a kind of known signal developed from traditional printing technology (size/amplitude new printing process detection system and instrument. The imitation metal etching printing process is to restart the main motor source and software of the experimental machine on the substrate with smooth surface such as gold and silver cardboard to check whether it is normal to print a layer of uneven translucent ink, and then through the light curing of a special ultraviolet lamp (UV) light source, it can produce an artistic effect similar to the etching or sanding treatment of the metal surface

the reason why the metal like etching printing process can produce special visual effects is that the mirror surface of the substrate forms a strong contrast with the diffuse reflection shown by the transparent or translucent etched rough surface under the illumination of the light source. The imitation metal etching printing process can be printed by using imitation metal etching inks such as UV wrinkles, UV ice flowers, UV crystals, UV refraction, etc., so that the printing surface has the characteristics of rich printing layers, exquisite patterns, fast drying speed of the printed surface, and strong wear resistance of the ink film. At the same time, the printing process can also make the surface of printed products soft, solemn, elegant, luxurious, three-dimensional, showing the printing art effect that ordinary printing process is difficult to achieve. The imitation metal etching printing process can be applied to high-end packaging products, such as cigarette and wine packaging, cosmetics, drugs, health products and other packaging boxes. At the same time, it can also be used for labels of various commodities and covers of various books, so as to improve the quality of commodities and the artistic effect of packaging and decoration

nowadays, the level of science and technology is changing with each passing day. New materials, new processes and new technologies are constantly emerging, and newer products are constantly created through interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and other interdisciplinary sciences. Card products are another kind of new products developed in the traditional printing industry

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next, let's introduce the application of imitation metal etching printing process in card products and the matters needing attention when making

card product is a kind of plastic card that can store and record information. Its production materials can be divided into polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET), etc. The surface of the card is printed with information such as patterns and related text descriptions. At the same time, the card surface can also be attached with magnetic strips, and IC chips can be embedded in the card. The printing methods of card products include offset printing, silk printing or digital printing. The printing inks used in card products usually include metal inks such as gold and silver or printing inks such as pearlescent materials. However, because gold and silver printing inks are made of metal materials, their oxidation resistance is poor. Over time, the color of gold and silver is easily oxidized and discolored, losing the original metallic luster. In order to avoid the above disadvantages and improve the metal gloss of the card surface, plastic materials (PVC or pet, etc.) with metal coating made by vacuum coating have been adopted at present. By attaching a vacuum coating layer to the plastic sheet base, the surface of the plastic sheet base is coated with a layer of metal coating, which has a very strong and realistic metal feeling, making the card surface glitter and dazzling. The biggest feature of this material is that it is not easy to be oxidized and discolored, which makes the printing surface of the card bright and vivid, with rich layers and strong three-dimensional sense. UV curing printing ink must be used for printing on the surface of plastic materials coated with vacuum. At the same time, in order to achieve the artistic effect of metal like etching printing and broadcast the results in Zibo news on June 24, metal like etching ink must also be used for printing

imitation metal etching ink is generally a color etching ink made of light-colored transparent or translucent paste made of photosensitive resin and other materials or colored materials. For the card making process, we should first start with the card surface imitation metal etching layout design and plate making. The imitation metal etching layout design must ingeniously conceive and design the printing and packaging city from the trend of the imitation metal etching refraction lines, the angle and density of the reflected light and the refracted light. At the same time, we should also fully consider the influence of the card surface on the refraction or reflection lines and patterns on the card surface after high temperature and high pressure lamination, And make full use of art design and imitation metal etching printing technology to make the card surface show the production effect of metal etching and bronzing process with energizer

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plate making operation control:

at present, the imitation metal etching printing process is made by the silk printing process, and the mesh number and photosensitive film thickness of the silk plate are closely related to the fineness of the imitation metal etching ink. Because the imitation metal etching ink has a certain coarseness, if the mesh number is selected to exceed the plateau draft, the ink is not easy to pass through due to the small holes, which will cause uneven inking on the printing surface of the card, It affects the effect of imitating metal etching on the card surface. If the selection eye is too low, it will cause the image on the card surface to be unclear due to too large holes and too much ink penetration. CTP in China will also affect the printing effect on the card surface

production process of imitation metal etching card products:

imitation metal etching pattern art design, plate making (offset printing, silk plate), printing (offset printing, silk printing), drying (UV curing, infrared drying), synthesis (film, magnetic stripe or IC chip inlay), stamping (die cutting), coding, bronzing (or holographic logo), finished product inspection, packaging, warehousing

control of printing operation:

metal like etching ink should be fully stirred before printing card products, so as to prevent uneven ink layer on the card surface or poor inking during printing due to uneven distribution of materials inside the ink. At the same time, the characteristics of silk screen imitation metal etching ink should be fully considered, and the printing pressure, scraping angle, plate height and so on should be adjusted accordingly. In order to effectively control the leveling speed of the imitation metal etching ink on the card surface after printing, the viscosity of the ink should be carefully controlled during the mixing of the etching ink, and the ink should be adjusted accordingly at any time during the printing process according to the actual situation, so as to promote the formation of the imitation metal etching rough surface. In addition, during the printing process, it is also necessary to control the running speed of the UV curing machine and the power and temperature of the UV lamp, so as to avoid the deformation failure of the printed card surface due to overheating during the process of passing through the UV curing machine. Standards and certification

in addition, it should be noted that the biggest feature of card product processing is that multiple plastic sheet bases are laminated into a whole card through high temperature and a certain strength of pressure, and then die-cut to finally make a finished card. Therefore, the lamination temperature and pressure of the card should be properly controlled and adjusted in the process of making the card, otherwise the overall artistic effect of the imitation metal etching printing process on the card surface will be directly affected due to improper processing

for card products processed and produced by imitating metal etching printing process, the golden light on the card surface has strong contrast, and the metal luster is very lifelike. The printed image on the card surface has bright color, full ink layer, distinct layers, obvious metal etching effect, and strong three-dimensional sense and visual impact. It can make the printing surface of the card show high-grade luxury, and truly reflect the unique artistic effect of imitation metal etching card. Through the combination of imitation metal etching printing process and modern business card printing technology, it opens up a new wonderful flower for the business card printing field

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