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The application of gleit variable frequency speed regulation technology in textile machinery

in the textile industry, there are many problems that need speed regulation. For example, the air conditioning system in the workshop, textile machinery (spinning machine, carding machine, resin setting machine, disc knitting machine, etc.), boiler control, etc., originally used valve adjustment or changing belt pulley, slip motor and other methods to regulate speed. These adjustment methods have low efficiency, high energy consumption, rough adjustment and affect the quality of products

advantages of using frequency converter:


high efficiency and energy saving

2. It has soft start function to reduce yarn breakage

3. It has power failure (interruption) memory function

4. Increase production as needed. Unscrew the oil delivery valve to raise the piston

5 In the process of yarn winding, the swing frequency function can be used to improve the product quality

main application manufacturers:


Shandong China Resources Textile Co., Ltd. (kw)

2 Jilin hemp further expanded its utilization of biological sample transmission. Cotton Textile General Factory (kw)

3 China Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (kw)

4 Jiangsu Jingjiang Jialun textile company (5.5kw-15kw)

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