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Application of Warburg Pincus software and hardware video conference system in China Railway Engineering

China Railway Engineering Corporation is a collection of survey and design, construction and installation, real estate development, industrial manufacturing, how should we control it? " Paul kerchajin's answer may only apply to the super large enterprise group integrating scientific research consulting, engineering supervision, capital management, financial trust and foreign trade in his period, with 14 super large construction enterprises. Since 2006, in order to improve the communication efficiency and work efficiency of enterprises, construction units such as China Railway 1st Bureau, China Railway 3rd bureau, China Railway 7th Bureau and China Railway 8th bureau have joined hands with Warburg Pincus to deploy a video conference system. In 2014, in order to better improve the internal communication efficiency and overall productivity of the enterprise, the Third Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway 14th Bureau Group (hereinafter referred to as the third company) and Warburg Pincus deployed a set of video conference system to provide a powerful tool for communication and daily meetings

three companies work 6. Important equipment of product machinery: it is an important construction team of China Railway 14th Bureau. Some leaders often need to hold meetings or enter meetings on the construction site and on the way out, so the video conference system is required to be convenient and mobile. According to the project situation of the three companies, Warburg Pincus has customized a set of video conference system combining software and hardware for China Railway 14th bureau group

the system deploys MCU server and hardware video terminal equipment at the headquarters of the three companies as the central venue; Deploy software clients in other project departments, mobile office staff and branches, so that they can participate in the meeting through PC, smart or pad

the system combining software and hardware effectively meets the needs of the three companies. On the one hand, it ensures the security and stability of the system through hardware equipment, on the other hand, it ensures better mobility through the software client. When leaders are in the office or out of the office, they can join the Club anytime and anywhere through the software client; Both software and hardware can realize the functions of holding meetings, daily training, collaborative modification of design drawings, etc., so that different participants can participate in meetings in any form and content through different terminals

after the successful deployment of the three companies, Warburg Pincus video conference system effectively meets the timely and effective communication between the headquarters of the three companies and all project departments, including daily meetings, daily business communication, site situation reporting, etc. Taking the site situation report as an example, the reporter can share the site situation report, site pictures, design drawings and other information to all participants through the system; The reporter can also hold a meeting on the site through mobile devices to show the site situation. Reports that could only be completed through communication or business trips can now be completed anytime, anywhere, which is very suitable for the work communication needs of the three companies

through Warburg Pincus video conference system, the communication between the three companies is more convenient and fast, and the work rhythm between the project departments is more coordinated and the work efficiency is higher. In addition, the leaders of the headquarters can also know the situation of the project department and the construction site and the progress of the project at any time through the system, which provides convenience for better issuing relevant instructions. After the system is enabled, the travel frequency of the company's personnel is significantly reduced, and the communication efficiency is higher. The engineering customer service work is more cumbersome and the progress is more smooth

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