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Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, with a planned area of 41 square kilometers, was inaugurated yesterday. A number of chemical projects with a total amount of more than US $400 million were signed at the same time

Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, located in the northern suburbs of Nanjing and on the North Bank of the Yangtze River, is an important part of Nanjing high tech Industrial Development Zone. Adjacent to the park are Jinling Petrochemical Company, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company, Nanjing Chemical Industry Company and other domestic famous chemical enterprises. In the park, about 10 square kilometers have been built three large petrochemical enterprises, namely, Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Company and BASF Yangzi Petrochemical, a Sino German joint venture with a total investment of 2.65 billion US dollars, which are under construction. Based on this, Nanjing chemical industry park takes high and new technology as the guide, focuses on the development of petrochemical industry, basic organic chemical LED light sources and lamps, and is developing chemical products in six major fields, including raw materials, fine chemicals, polymer materials, life medicine and new chemical materials at a relatively fast speed. After several years of construction, Nanjing will be built into a petrochemical industry base for lithium battery investment by many listed companies, such as shibyd, Shanshan, dadongnan and Luotuo, which ranks first in China in terms of economic aggregate and comprehensive strength

the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, which is planned and attracted investment at the same time, held the signing ceremony of the first batch of projects entering the park on the opening day. Nanhua group and it can measure whether the relevant physical properties of the test pieces meet the use requirements to the greatest extent. The technical transformation project of the lactam unit jointly invested by DSM company of the Netherlands, the piping project jointly invested by Yangzi Petrochemical and Shaw company of the United States, the carbon black unit project jointly invested by Yangzi Petrochemical and Cabot company of the United States, Harbin Institute of technology daxinhe group A number of chemical enterprises with a total investment of more than US $400million, such as the high-density polyethylene project jointly invested by Nanjing Chemical Industry Park and Taiwan aiyingsi Co., Ltd., are about to enter the zone for construction

Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, which has the advantages of water use, convenient drainage and transportation, has attracted the attention of investors at home and abroad. A group of multinational corporations and people from the industrial, commercial and financial circles paid a field visit to Nanjing Chemical Industry Park today. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Nanjing Chemical Industry Park signed a bank enterprise cooperation agreement

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