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Jingzhou has built a complete production line to greatly increase the added value of "three treasures" Abstract: relying on the resource advantages of bayberry, Poria cocos and pecan, Jingzhou, Hunan, has carried out the preliminary processing of beverage production and the deep processing of plant extraction, creating a complete industrial chain from intermediate to advanced. Through processing, the "three treasures of Jingzhou" will become real gold and silver in the hands of the common people

it is understood that relying on the resource advantages of bayberry, Poria cocos and hickory, Jingzhou, Hunan, has carried out preliminary processing of beverage production and deep processing of plant extraction, creating a complete industrial chain from intermediate to advanced. Through processing, the "three treasures of Jingzhou" will become real gold and silver in the hands of the common people

recently, at Jingzhou Hunan Longfeng Poria cocos Technology Development Co., Ltd., workers were slicing and packaging Poria cocos. "We have targeted the foreign market. Poria cocos products are now exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia." Said Chenlong, chairman of the company

"bayberry, Poria cocos and pecan are the 'three treasures of Jingzhou'." Zhangyuansong, Secretary of Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County, introduced that Jingzhou is "the hometown of Chinese bayberry", "the hometown of Chinese Poria cocos" and "the hometown of Southern walnut". In recent years, the county has seized the opportunity to create a key county for processing provincial characteristic agricultural and sideline products, and turned the "three treasures of Jingzhou" into real gold and silver in the hands of the people through innovative development of characteristic agricultural industries

lengthen the industrial chain

China tuckahoe science and Technology Industrial Park is located near Jingzhou City. Jiangtiankui, deputy director of the administrative committee of the county industrial concentration zone, introduced that at present, the park is building 15 key projects, including the largest tuckahoe trading center in China, tuckahoe 10000 ton traditional Chinese medicine decoction factory, tuckahoe science and technology R & D and promotion center, and e-commerce trading center

in the park, Hunan Yipin Oriental Biotechnology Co., Ltd. took advantage of the resource advantages of "Jingzhou Sanbao" to carry out preliminary processing of beverage production and deep processing of plant extraction, and built a complete product production line from intermediate to advanced. The Chinese herbal pieces produced by the company are exported to the United States, Canada, South Korea and other countries and regions

"by making use of the 'Jingzhou three treasures' of characteristic agricultural products, we can increase the added value through park processing, extend the industrial chain, effectively transform the primary industry into the secondary industry, and help agricultural products go abroad. At present, the export volume of Poria cocos products accounts for two-thirds of the country." Jiangtiankui said

in Hunan BuTian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhang Hao, deputy general manager in charge of production, introduced that the company has formed a complete production chain from the cultivation of Poria cocos strains, the standardized planting of Poria cocos, to the processing of Poria cocos decoction pieces and the production of oral liquid capsules

at the same time, Jingzhou promotes agricultural science and education, industry university research cooperation, encourages and supports enterprises to establish scientific research centers, and focuses on breaking through key technologies such as deep processing of Poria cocos medicine and storage and transportation of Bayberry. Butian pharmaceutical has established a provincial scientific research center, and their cultivation and processing technology and industrialization of Poria cocos have won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress, In terms of hardware, according to Article 6.3 of the national standard gb/t2611 (2) 007 general technical requirements for laboratory machines, it has been clearly stated that electrical equipment should have the ability to protect personal safety and avoid electric shock. The developed Poria cocos polysaccharide anti-cancer injection has been designated as a key science and technology special project for the creation of major new drugs by the Ministry of science and technology

Jingzhou Yixi Fuling Food Co., Ltd. originally produced traditional cakes. After entering the park, the company cooperates with scientific research institutions to carry out innovative research and development and integrate local characteristic agricultural products into traditional pastries. Yanshude, the chairman of the company, said that the price of unprocessed Poria cocos was only more than 20 yuan per kilogram, and making Poria cocos into ultra-fine powder through scientific and technological means was more conducive to human absorption, its function was released, and the price soared

Hunan Longfeng must turn on the cooling system when the oil temperature exceeds 60 ℃; Chen long, chairman of Fuling science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., told that Fuling products have been extended from traditional rough processed products such as flat tablets and rolled tablets to deep-processing and high-end products such as Chinese patent medicine preparations, food and beauty care, which has improved the added value of products

create a new business form

stroll along the footpath of houshanxi bayberry Ecological Sightseeing Park in Quyang Town, Jingzhou. The breeze comes slowly, and you have a different taste. The park has also built parking lots, sightseeing lanes and other tourism facilities, and the whole bayberry planting base has become an open park

relying on the advantageous and characteristic resources, Jingzhou regards the planting base as a scenic spot and agriculture as an industry, explores the new five in one modern agricultural format of "processing Park + planting and breeding base + scientific research center + modern logistics + cultural tourism", and promotes the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries

according to the development concept of "building bases on the mountain, estates in the mountain and scenic spots under the mountain", Jingzhou has built the 86000 Mu bayberry core area into a natural and open ecological museum

"our bayberry base is the back garden of the city. We built hiking trails and other facilities on the base to build the base into a park." Said wuchangchun, a major base planter

in accordance with the development idea of turning planting bases into scenic spots, processing enterprises into wineries, sales into e-commerce cold chain logistics, planting and processing technology into standards, Miao Dong tuanzhai into inns, and products into culture, Jingzhou has invested 120million yuan in the past three years, leveraging the social investment of nearly 500million yuan, and built one of the country's largest bayberry variety gardens, six bayberry wineries, and 10 bayberry demonstration bases There are 64 cold chain logistics enterprises. The Baili Miao Dong Gallery has been built, attracting millions of tourists every year, and realizing the deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries

the new business type promotes the scale and employment. At present, Jingzhou bayberry, Poria cocos and pecan planting bases have reached 86000 mu, 52000 Mu and 62000 Mu respectively, with more than 130000 employees

pave the way out of poverty

at Jingzhou xiangbaishi Liquor Co., Ltd., Liang Lunhua, a poor villager in Baochong village, Wenxi Township, is loading red bayberry wine on the filling machine

2015, lianglunhua was employed by xiangbaishi Liquor Co., Ltd. as a juicing and canning worker on the production line. He has worked in the company for more than two years and has a monthly income of nearly 3000 yuan

relying on leading enterprises and farmers' professional cooperative organizations, Jingzhou has built a large pattern of industrial poverty alleviation in the form of "companies + bases + poor households" and "companies + cooperatives + poor households", in which the demand for extruders also tends to increase. Xiangbaishi Liquor Co., Ltd. adopts the business model of "company + cooperative + village collective + base + farmer", which is the most widely used experimental method. It has developed a 3000 mu bayberry planting poverty alleviation base, helping 629 households in 10 villages (6 are poor villages) and more than 2500 people to develop Bayberry planting

in the development of characteristic agricultural industries, Jingzhou has established an interest connection mechanism to ensure the stable income increase of the poor. Zhuge village of Taiyangping Township cooperates with xiangbaishi company to build a 10000 mu EU organic certified Myrica rubra base, and all parties shall distribute the income in proportion. The village collective makes an annual profit of more than 300000 yuan, and the per capita income of poor households increases by more than 3000 yuan

the characteristic agricultural industry has become the main industry for the poor people in Jingzhou to get rid of poverty. In 2014, there were 47000 poor people in Jingzhou, with a poverty incidence rate of 17.9%. By the end of last year, 24887 poor people had been reduced, and the incidence of poverty had dropped to 9.2 percent

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